Has Kangana Ranaut Had Plastic Surgery – Before & After Photos

Kangana Ranaut, born March 23, 1987, is an Indian actress. She became known to audiences after starring in the film Gangster (2006) and since then has garnered critical and commercial success. Kangana Ranaut performed in Life in a Metro (2007) and Fashion (2008), both of which earned her Filmfare Awards for Best Supporting Actress. In 2013 Kangana Ranaut starred in Krrish 3, a science fiction movie that is one of the highest grossing Bollywood films.

In the early days of her career, Kangana Ranaut found a mentorship with the actor Aditya Pancholi and his wife Zarina Wahab.

Kangana Ranaut and Aditya Pancholi
Kangana Ranaut and Aditya Pancholi

However, the relationship turned sour in 2007 when reports of an affair and physical and emotional abuse surfaced. Kangana Ranaut currently lives in Mumbai, India, with her sister Rangoli who, in 2006, was a victim of an acid attack.

Plastic Surgery

There have been numerous reports that Kangana Ranaut has undergone multiple plastic surgeries, but so far the actress has denied it. Still, when comparing pictures of the star to her earlier years, her face has certainly changed.

Kangana Ranaut plastic surgery photos

The most prominent feature that has changed for Kangana Ranaut is her lips. Over time, her lip pout has increased greatly, which suggest collagen injections. Kangana Ranaut has repeatedly denied these claims, so makeup may have been a factor in the enhancement of her lips.

Kangana Ranaut plastic surgery before and after

In addition to a possible lip procedure, Kangana Ranaut may have had a total face lift. The actress appears to have cheeks that have been lifted higher, and even her jaw line appears altered. Overall, Kangana Ranaut has a very smooth, wrinkle-free face, which would suggest having had plastic surgery.

Kangana Ranaut plastic surgery breast implants before and after
Breast implants before and after

One more area that some believe Kangana Ranaut had work done on are her breasts. In more recent pictures, Kangana Ranaut appears to have larger and rounder breasts, suggesting breast augmentation. An alternative theory to the change in her chest is that she may have put on a bit of weight, which would have altered her appearance.

Despite persistent rumours, Kangana Ranaut has denied having cosmetic surgery. While her appearance looks altered, it may be more of a case of fluctuating weight and well-crafted makeup, rather than surgery.

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