Kareena Kapoor Plastic Surgery: Hottest Bollywood Diva?

Hollywood is known for its perpetual plastic surgeries tales; surprisingly Bollywood has joined the league. Kareena Kapoor, a popular and one of the most talented Bollywood actresses is not left behind in the whole plastic surgery business. It has been reported that Kareena has performed not just one plastic surgery but over 3 plastic surgeries.

The 35 years old actress was born into a family of actors; both of her parents Babita and Randhir Kapoor are big names in Bollywood, so it’s not a surprise Kareena also took to acting.

Kareena Kapoor 2015

Kareena started acting in 2000 were she starred in a drama Refugee and in 2001 she also starred in two Hindi movies; Asoka and Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham. Her roles in these blockbusters got fans back lashing her because many perceived she was really what she acted.

She had her breakthrough in 2004, when she starred in a drama Chameli, this made her gain recognition in Bollywood and in India as a whole.¬†Kareena is married to one of the top actors in Bollywood; Saif Ali Khan. They got married in a registry on the 16th of October 2012 and on the evening of that day; they had ‘Nikah'(the Muslim traditional marriage). The Nikah ceremony which held at the traditional Pataudi home in Haryana had scores of guests, celebrities and thousands of fans in attendance. It was described as the mother of all Bollywood marriages seeing that the bride and bridegroom are both actors in Bollywood.

Kareena Kapoor plastic surgery photos

Kareena is very popular in India, she is known for been vocal and outspoken, which makes not only popular but also disliked by some. Over time her fans and the media have noticed some changes from her looks. It has been said that these changes on her body are as a result of the various plastic surgeries she has had. Whether or not this is true is left for you to see yourself.

Rhinoplasty or commonly known as nose job

Kareena’s current nose looks totally different from how it was years ago. The nose looks slimmer and more pointed compared to the nose she had before which was wide and had a bulbous tip. We cannot dispute the fact that this new nose sure looks better than what she has before. She sure did a successful enhancement.

Kareena Kapoor Plastic Surgery (Nose Job)

Cheek/jaw surgery

Having a cheek and jaw like Kareena is the dream of eventually every girl, so whether or not Kareena had implants on her cheeks or jaw, she does look good. The actress who has fuller cheeks and bigger jaws than what she had before is certainly to die for.

Breast augmentation

Kareena Kapoor Plastic Surgery Befor and After

Most women believe having big breasts makes them more sexy and attractive. Kareena may just be one of such women. Her breast size looks somewhat larger than it used to be before. It is believed that the beautiful actress also got her boobs enlarged and like every other woman her boob job sure made her look more sexy.


This beautiful actress sure knows how to look attractive and sexy, in addition to her boob job, this Bollywood actress also had a liposuction (also known as tummy tuck), which made her body look effortlessly perfect.

It is not a surprise that this model, actress and has a net worth of $10 million. In 2013 she earned $210,000 just from various endorsements. She drives the LX470; which is been described in India as the car for the rich. Of course Kareena can afford it without having to bat an eye.

Kareena Kapoor's LX470
Kareena Kapoor’s LX470

She has starred in quite a number of Bollywood films such as Jab We Met, Dev and 3Idiots which is the highest grossing Bollywood film of all time. She has also received over 5 different Filmfare awards. She is not on Twitter or any other social network site, but she has a fan page on Twitter which most of her fans follow to get up to date information about their star.

Kareena Kapoor Body Measurements

Measurement: 36-26-34 in or 80-66-75 cm
Height: 5′ 5″ (1.65 m)
Bra Size: 34B
Religion: Hinduism
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Green

Do you think Kareena Kapoor’s plastic surgery made her look sexier? You be the judge.

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