Kari Byron Plastic Surgery – Post-Pregnancy Breast Size Gain or Breast Augmentation?

With a strong media presence is interlinked the burden of media criticism. The media has been known to spread notorious rumors about celebrities and wreck their public images based on little to no proof of their claims. One of the victims of such rumors can be found in Kari Byron especially for Kari Byron’s plastic surgery.

Based on mere speculations, these rumors are happily gobbled up by the audience who is generally eager for any juicy tidbit of news that they can find about the celebrity that they adore. It often comes up to the celebrity to either accept or deny those rumors, which in turn will start off another chain of rumors; thereby creating an unbreakable chain.

Kari Byron Plastic Surgery Before and After

Before we proceed any further with the media claims about her life and how she went under the knife, which have not yet been accepted or denied by her, let us take a look at her personal information.

Who is Kari Byron?

Born in December 18th, 1974, Kari Byron is a television presenter and host on various programmes for the Discovery Channel. A self proclaimed science geek, Kari can be popularly remembered for her role in Mythbusters, a show that was aired on Discovery Channel and that attempted to test the truth behind some of the popular science myths in practice over the world. The show was aired for two seasons after which Kari was replaced from the show temporarily for a maternity leave.

Kari Byron net worth

She has hosted a number of other shows as well, like ‘Large, Dangerous Rocket Ships’ aired on the Science Channel. She has also made a guest appearance on Discovery’s show, Sons of Guns. She, along with her Mythbusters co-actor Tory Belleci also hosted Pumpkin Chunkin for the Science Channel from 2011-2014. Byron and Belleci also hosted Thrill Factor, a high octane show aired on the Travel Channel showing the different thrill rides from all over the world and exploring the science behind the adrenaline rush that can be experienced from these rides.

Kari Byron with her husband Paul Urich and daughter Stella
Kari Byron with her husband Paul Urich and daughter Stella

She is also an artist and has her art installations being displayed at Stray Doll at Anno Domini. She uses a form of mixed media and calls her style a ‘cynical view of contemporary issues’.

Plastic Surgeries

Kari Byron is rumored to have had a breast augmentation surgery to increase her breast size dramatically. Though her before and after surgeries will show a huge difference in her breasts size, one of the things that is to be kept in mind is that Kari was pregnant.

Kari Byron boob job before and after

Kari Byron Boobs Implants Plastic Surgery Before and After

One of the most common things when women go through pregnancy is the fact that they invariably get a drastic change in their body. Not only is there a drastic weight gain, but in many cases, a jump in breast size as well. This is especially true for women who choose to breastfeed for as long as possible. Since her size growth did occur during her pregnancy period, it is highly likely that it was an effect of the pregnancy.

However, many people do believe that her change was well hidden under the cloak of pregnancy and that she did; in fact go under the knife to get fuller breasts, which is a common ideal amongst women. However, the lack of any revealing photos (mainly stemming from the fact that Kari leads an extremely low profile life off set) leads to the rumors’ truth being unverified.

Kari Byron Plastic Surgery

Another fact that is a direct counterpoint to the rumor is the fact that Kari is indeed, a low-key persona. This blatant cry for attention with a change in her body type is quite contradictory to her character. As for the truth behind the rumors, there can only be two end to this, either Kari herself has to comment about these rumors, or only time will tell, since if she has gained cup sizes, this change will be reverted by the time she stops lactating. However, the irony is that Kari Byron’s plastic surgery for breast reduction has still made her the victim of a new rumor.

Body Statistics & Personal Info About Kari Byron

Full Name: Kari Byron
Weight: 125 lbs (56.7 kg)
Height: 166 cm
Body measurements: 34B-26-35 in
Bra size: 34B
Hair color: Red
Eye color: Hazel
Net Worth: $1.5 million

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