Katie Hopkins Net Worth, Assets and Family Background

Born on October 15, 1976, Katie Hopkins, a well-known actress, first appeared in 2007 on the television show “The Apprentice”. The actress started to get fame by working on sets for a variety of shows of ITV and Channel 5 as well. She also made appearances on “Question Time” on BBC. When we put it all together, Katie Hopkins has a net worth of $4 million.

Hopkins in the UK national is actually a weekly columnist currently working for “The Sun” newspaper. Hopkins is also an online companion of the “Daily Mail”. She made herself memorable by appearing on the “The Apprentice” show.

Katie Hopkins net worth

Katie was raised in Bideford and she used to love playing the piano and violin. She further studies at the University of Exeter. She gave a shot in the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and then started working in a business consultancy in Manhattan, New York. Hopkins also appeared in several other episodes of TV series. Katie started her own show called “If Katie Hopkins Ruled the World” to change the patterns of panel and talk shows.

Hopkin’s properties

The 40-year old currently lives in Devon with her husband Mark Cross and three children. With all that Katie Hopkin’s net worth, she still manages to live in a single house with her family by her side. Apparently, she does not possess any yachts or jets as she is a very on-the-go person.

Family Background

Katie Hopkins family pics
Katie Hopkins and her children (source)

Before Mark, Katie was married to Damian McKinney, founder of McKinney Rogers in September 2004. After some while, when she was working in Met Office, she met Mark Cross which was a design manager and was married. In 2010, Mark and Katie tied the knot on the game show “Four Weddings” which aired on Sky Living. Katie has got three children: two girls and a son.

Katie Hopkins and Mark Cross
Katie Hopkins and Mark Cross

Katie Hopkins is popularly known as the woman who steals everybody’s man. On this Hopkins said that I even stole my first husband, get over it. The formerly reality show star has got a lot of stories to unfold. She is also famous for her weight reduction. Katie Hopkins gained a lot of weight and within a short period she shed it too to prove that losing weight is easy once you are willing to do it.

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