Katrina Kaif Plastic Surgery: There is Nothing Like Being Too Beautiful

Katrina Kaif is of a British-Indian decent and an acclaimed actress model and singer. Numerous blogs and social media platforms are already carrying words about Katrina Kaif plastic surgery.

The celeb however is yet to publicly come clean on these claims. She is majorly known for her acts in various Bollywood films such as Boom, Malliswari, and Sakar among many other Hindi films.

Katrina Kaif's hot pictures

Most movie directors and producers were skeptical to give Katrina movie roles due to her poor Hindu language command. Haven’t been born in Hong Kong and only later moving to India made her grasp the language slower and the fact that her mother was a Brit didn’t help the situation!

Katrina first made her stardom entry through her modeling career, she was featured in various commercials and cat walks due to her amazingly beautiful looks. She was even named as the most beautiful woman in Bollywood!

Currently she the highest paid Bollywood actress I guess that explains the idle money she uses on surgery. For a once named most beautiful person would really puzzle why one would go ahead to alter an already perfect appearance, but beauty is in the eyes of the beholder right?

Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor
Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor

Among other procedures, there are the plastic surgeries that Katrina Kaif is rumored to have undergone.


It is rumored Katrina Kaif rhinoplasty was necessary for her to shape her overall face. Nose jobs are the most common in both men and women all striving for that slim, non-pointy perfect nose.

Katrina Kaif Rhinoplasty Plastic Surgery
Nose job?

Katrina was not an exception, her nose was not bad to begin with so I don’t even see why she felt the need to go for rhinoplasty. Many people are of the opinion that her procedure was not successful and the outcome was worse. It is a bit larger and many argue it is completely disproportional and doesn’t suit her face at all. Too bad Kat!?

Botox and Fillers

Coming from a near perfect complexion and wrinkle free surely begs the question why the beauty queen opted for Botox and facial fillers. There are various rumors implying that maybe she had them as a precautionary feature although it seems she overdid a little judging from her latest song where she was completely expressionless, so to speak.

Katrina Kaif plastic surgery before and after
Katrina Kaif then and now

Her cheeks also appear more defined and a perky jawline which could only be the result of facial fillers, at least the cheeks were not as badly done!

Lip injections

Soft luscious lips are very sexy that makes the rest of us that weren’t as lucky only to wish. For the celebrities, it is as easy as booking an appointment with your doctor and voila transformations. Seems Katrina too was not left behind on the big lips craze bandwagon as her recent photos show a slight puffiness from her former thin lips.

Katrina Kaif plastic surgery photo

Despite the few disparity in her appearance, I would say Katrina’s plastic surgery was not a burst and she now looks more beautiful. Her face is less round with a perfectly defined chin and cheeks, a good nose with fuller and more feminine lips. She denied the lip injection rumors however saying nothing about the rest which can be translated at validating them.

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