Kris Jenner Plastic Surgery – A Fight to Stay Young

There comes a time when the wheel of life seems to be spinning faster than normal, like in the case of Kris Jenner. At 59 years you can’t blame her for wanting to maintain her ‘youth’ at whatever cost and if you have seen her boyfriend you can start to understand why.

Chris Jenner is an American A-list TV personality, producer and manager who has appeared in several TV reality TV shows most notably the famous Keeping up With the Kardashians.

Kris Jenner after surgery
Kris Jenner after surgery

She is the mother of the famous socialite Kim Kardashian, you know the lady who is famous for being famous, and other several children.

Kris Jenner decided that a meeting with her trusted top-dollar surgeon was a go after her divorce and so as to stay young enough for her current boy toy, honestly you can’t blame dear Kris for wanting to impress, according to her, ‘the hottest man she has met in YEARS’. Rumor had it that she had planned a top-to- bottom makeover, including a butt lift, because the boyfriend is a big booty type So what features has Jenner improved, or at least tried to really?

Face Lift

Most women in the entertainment industry look fantastic even in their fifties and Kris decided that plastic surgery is the way to go just like many in Hollywood. Kris Jenner plastic surgery seems to have majorly focused on her face with her cheeks lifted and there is nothing to wonder about here because cheeks largely influence the smile which is a big asset, especially if you a television personality.

Kris Jenner plastic surgery before and after
Kris Jenner plastic surgery before and after

If you look at Kris you will notice that her cheeks have striking similarity with yours, that’s if you a run way model in her twenties.


Kris has changed her nose’s appearance as it now looks sharper than before and I am guessing it’s largely to match up her improved face. Maybe now, just maybe, she has the nose she has always wanted and can be proud of her 2015 Kardashian’s calendar photo.

Boob job

Kris Jenner after breast implants
Kris Jenner after breast implants

Imagine a world where you a big time TV personality; the ruler of reality TV business and wanted to have a boob job to have those tempting boobs you see on young gorgeous women, how would you do it?

If your answer is not ON TV then you definitely not Kris Jenner because she had it all filmed. That’s right, filmed for you her faithful fans to watch and know with money you can buy a new engine for your old car but personally I would rather not see the result.

While most Hollywood big-wigs have intrusive procedures and seal their lips to keep you guessing and giving credit to their commitment to the gym, Kris did it her way; the Kardashian way which involves telling you and showing you.

Why keep it under wraps when you can get an entire episode off it? That’s the mind of an entrepreneur right there and I commend her for that but I feel that’s not what our young girls should be seeing.

While it may point out to a strong personality it can also be the vice versa but as this discussion continues another episode of her TV show is probably hours away from hitting your cable TV channel so who cares? Definitely not Kris Jenner.

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