Kyra Sedgwick Plastic Surgery: Facelift, Botox & Breast Implants

Kyra Sedgwick publicly admitted to have plastic surgery done on her. Most women of her age are facing major problems with wrinkles and sagged skin. This proves to be no problem to her now since the facelift gave her a youthful look.

However she admitted that the facelift did not satisfy her even though it makes her skin look taut. Most of her fans tend to agree with it since the facelift gave her an unnatural look. However, we cannot largely conclude that her facelift was a failure.

Comparison of the previous photos to those taken recently show a big difference in her facial appearance; this is an ultimate proof of her having had a facelift.

Kyra Sedgwick Plastic Surgery Before and After
Kyra Sedgwick Plastic Surgery Before and After

Botox injections

Kyra Sedgwick has also admitted to have used Botox injections to boost her facial appearance. This did not come as a surprise to her fans since they had been questioning her recent looks as compared to before. However, she also admitted that the Botox injections still did not satisfy her. Comparison of her previous photos and the most recent photos are a clear show of the use of Botox injections. Her cheeks look puffed up and her skin looks smoother and clearer than before.

Boob job

A comparison of her previous photos and the most recent photos clearly shows that she also had a boob job. The most recent photos show her with fuller breasts as compared to her previous photos. We have not yet confirmed whether she gave a public statement on this or not. I would like to commend the job done on her boobs because I think they look natural unlike her face.

Kyra Sedgwick Breast Implants before after
Kyra Sedgwick Breast Implants before and after

When questioned, Kyra Sedgwick admitted that just like other celebrities, she had to undergo cosmetic enhancements in order to remain competitive enough in the entertainment industry. Fans like celebrities who age gracefully but then I think that the more natural it is the better it will look.

Much as she expressed her dissatisfaction, at least looking at the brighter side, her face has no wrinkles, her skin is taut and she has one less thing to worry about – sagging skin! From her statement and those of other celebrities who have also had cosmetic enhancement procedures, it is quite evident how competitive the entertainment industry can get.

Kyra Sedgwick with family
Kyra Sedgwick with Kevin Bacon and Sosie Bacon

Whether she did a cosmetic enhancement or not, we all still love her and what matters most is that she looks pretty stunning and she should also feel beautiful don’t you think so? Sometimes we all have to do what has to be done to us going. Her cosmetic enhancement has produced outstanding results and she did a good job in defying the aging process.

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