Lady Gaga Plastic Surgery – Has She Had a Nose Job?

Lady Gaga was born Stefani Germanotta in 1986 in New York and became an international pop sensation at the tender age of 22.

With the release of her debut album The Fame (2008) she solidified her place among great pop artists. Her second album, The Fame Monster (2009) was also a monumental success. Her hit songs include “Poker Face” and “Bad Romance.” Together her album sales are over 28 million copies and her single sales are over 140 million copies worldwide. Lady Gaga has since branched out from music and has a role on TV Show American Horror Story: Hotel (2015).

Lady Gaga plastic surgery

Plastic Surgery

Lady Gaga has vehemently denied undergoing any plastic surgery. In fact, she has been very outspoken about other celebrities that have had plastic surgery. To Lady Gaga, spending large amounts of money on altering what you look like is a way for insecurity to manifest itself. It is unnecessary and harmful. Instead, Lady Gaga insists that people should embrace their human nature and not adhere to superficiality.

Lady Gaga's changing style
Lady Gaga’s changing style

Instead of permanently altering the way she looks, Lady Gaga instead prefers to temporarily change her appearance. Constantly reinventing herself, Lady Gaga takes pleasure in outlandish costumes and innovative wardrobes. She relies heavily on creative make-up, prosthetic embellishments and various wigs. Lady Gaga has taken to using her body as a canvas and uses make-up and clothes as a way to create a new, non-permanent form of art.

Lady Gaga Tattoos:

Lady Gaga Tattoos
Lady Gaga Tattoos
Lady Gaga Tattoos
Lady Gaga Tattoos

Rumours of Lady Gaga’s plastic surgery stem from the fact that she once looked youthful and childish. As Lady Gaga has aged and transformed herself, others have noted that her skin has remained smooth and wrinkle-free. Her forehead and cheeks look more polished. Lady Gaga’s nose does look thinner, but not enough to jump to the conclusion that she has had nose job.

Lady Gaga nose job
Nose job or just creative makeup?

Because of Lady Gaga’s steadfast claims that plastic surgery is not only unnecessary but also unnatural, it seems that speculation of her undergoing permanent augmentation is not true. Lady Gaga has demonstrated that she is instead a master of non-permanent alterations. Whether it is covered in meat, or barely covered at all, Lady Gaga seems so be very content in the skin that she was born with.

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