Larry David Net Worth is no Doubt a Big Amount

No doubt Larry David is one of the biggest names in the world of comedy and there is no doubt his skills in comedy have made him a fortune. Larry David net worth is something that is the perfect definition of a multi-million dollar fortune. He bears the title of the “wealthiest comedian” and he is surely worth it.

Larry David has managed to secure a net worth of $800 million on his name. He is a true performer and he knows to reach people’s heart and bring a smile on their faces with every word he utters or every expression he does on his face.┬áHe presently has his own show now which is aired on HBO and it is titled Curb Your Enthusiasm. The entire scenario is very impressive for him as this show has brought in quite a rise to his personal fortune.

Larry David net worth 2015

How Larry David’s net worth is what it is today

Larry David has had his hand in many jars and luckily each of them had proved to be lucrative for him. Other than a comedian, actor and writer, he has also been a television producer which has proved to add much to Larry David net worth. He played a big role in the creation of a famous TV series called the Seinfeld which he did in association with Jerry Seinfeld. He had been the head writer and executive producer for the show for a span of seven years and being the executive producer he was able to make a sizeable fortune from the show.

Other than just achieving on commercial milestones, he has also received some very prestigious awards like the Prime Time Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series which he won in 1993. For years he has worked as a stand-up comedian and after that he made his way into television comedy and became a writer as well as an actor in Fridays which was a show that was aired on ABC. He also contributed to another show named Saturday Night Live, as a writer.

Property owned by Larry David

Larry David’s life has not always been full of cushion and luxury estates and cars. Before working with Seinfeld he had worked in a shop as an assistant. Jerry has played a big role in his success by providing him the offer to write the show for him.

Larry David's house
Larry David’s house

Larry has started taking his taste for luxury to a whole new level and he used to live in a humongous estate called the Pacific Palisades. He then put his estate on the market for sale and he sold it finally on a deal of $12 million. The property had 10 bathrooms and seven bedrooms on a total of 11,300 sq ft living space and which was once under the ownership of the popular veteran comedian. The estate was built in 1950 and its features are also a strong reflection of the age like the brick fireplace and beamed ceilings.

Statistics of Larry David

Height: 5’11” (1.80m)
Weight: 92Kg
Shoe Size: 8
Dress Size: 10
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Blue

Personal life of Larry David

Larry David is presently a divorcee and he was married to Laurie Lennard in the year 1993. They were together for a period of 14 years before they separated.

Larry David's ex wife - Laurie Lennard
Larry David’s ex wife – Laurie Lennard

Larry lost a considerable part of his fortune to his wife as the divorce laws in California made him lose half his fortune to his wife. They have two daughters and before 2007 they used to live together in their luxurious Pacific Paladise in California. Both his daughters are bloggers at The Huffington Post and they have also earned themselves some fame as bloggers.

He has been in many different projects in his life and he has been climbing the ladder of success ever since he has contributed to the show Seinfeld. He has not been very transparent about his personal wealth so it can surely be understood that he has made more money than most celebrities of Hollywood and his fortune is way above that of actors like Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks and Johnny Depp who are some of the highest paid actors of the industry.

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