Laura Bell Bundy Nose Job Can Be Considered a Success

Anyone who is a fan of Broadway Musicals will surely recognize who Laura Bell Bundy is. In case her name doesn’t ring a bell to your ears, Laura Bell Bundy originally plays Amber Von Tassle in Hairspray and Elle Woods in Legally Blonde in the Broadway versions of these musicals. Aside from that, she also became an understudy for Kristin Chenoweth in the role of Glinda in the musical, Wicked.

Laura Bell Bundy after surgery

While her talent is drawing a lot of praise, another area of her life has drawn flake from media speculation. The particular area in question is about the Laura Bell Bundy nose job which has made a big difference not only in her life, but also her career.

The nose job Laura Bell Bundy has undergone also made her look much better. When you look at her before and after pictures, you will notice that the bridge has become leaner and more well-defined. The top, which used to look bulky, has also been replaced with a flatter nostril.

Along with her nose job also comes new opportunities outside Broadway and theater. Some of them include a stab at country music which resulted in a number of hits. Outside music, she also began to build a career in movies and television appearing in popular series, such as How I Met Your Mother and Anger Management, as well as a judge in the Miss America pageant in 2009.

Laura Bell Bundy then and now
Laura Bell Bundy then and now

The Laura Bell Bundy nose job can be considered a success since it has made her even prettier and more sought after. Because of this, a lot of women has been encouraged to undergo the same procedures to enhance their look. Experts, on the other hand, advise that although it might have done good to Laura Bell Bundy, it might not be the same for other as such was the case of Jennifer Grey of the Dirty Dancing fame.

Not a Cheap One

Aside from the risks, the price tag of surgery, such as the Laura Bell Bundy nose job, is no joke. Medical experts reveal that a similar procedure as that of the singer/actress costs around $5 million.

Laura Bell Bundy

With such an expensive price tag, many has questioned if these procedures are really needed or has it become a status quo in Hollywood that if you are rich and famous, you can go under the knife to make a better version of yourself.

Truly, Hollywood has become beauty-obsessed that people would go to great lengths and spend huge amounts of money just to achieve the color they want, the face they dreamed of, and even the gender they prefer. In short, Hollywood has truly become a dream capital where even the impossible can happen if you have money.

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