Lee Min Jung Plastic Surgery Before and After

Lee Min-Jung just tuned 31 and so surfaced her plastic surgery rumors. This beautiful South Korean actress is flawless so to speak.

At 31, Min-Jung still looks like a 17 year old, with her perfect baby face, wrinkle-free and petite body. Unlike most South Korean actresses, Min didn’t debut her acting career as a child, but somewhat ‘later’ in life at 25 years soon after graduating with a theater degree from Sungkyunkwan University.

Having started her career on stage plays, it was impeccable her role in the family drama, Smile, You, that earned her a top spot on the stardom spotlight.

Lee Min Jung Plastic Surgery photo
Plastic surgery – yes or no?

Soon after, she appeared in the romantic comedy Cyrano Agency that saw her bag a whopping 5 best new actress award in the Korean version of Grammys!

It seems the plastic surgery fever has crossed over the Pacific to Korean celebrities and managed to even outdo their Hollywood counterparts. Koreans are obsessed with perfection and most celebrities there always get the same procedures done, hence they all end up looking the ‘same’. More and more celebrities are resurfacing with some newly acquired faces, some looking good while others are just plain disasters wrecking the good looks that God gave them.

Just recently some of Lee Min-Jung School photos surfaced which spurred up mixed reactions from fans and haters sighting she might have gone under the knife. She defiantly looks a tad bit different, but who looks like her high school photos anyway? This also went ahead to fuel rumors of Lee Min Jung plastic surgery and that the operation must have improved her face.

Lee Min Jung

Plastic surgery or just growth hormonal changes?

Double lid surgery

It is said the eyes are the windows to the soul, so a little touch up here and there may be warranted. Koreans are generally born with small squinty eyes so most celebs usually opt for a double lib surgery that opens up the eyes. Before and after photos of Lee clearly prove she has had the surgery and by a good surgeon as you can barely see the changes.

Lee Min Jung then and now
Lee Min Jung Childhood Pictures

Under eye fat injections

Another popular form of eye surgery is having fat injected under the eyes to form eye bags, how weird?? Koreans find eye bags sexy especially the curve formed when one is smiling, like that of Hyori! Lee defiantly spots some bag under her eyes, either she has not been getting her beauty sleep or she had some injections.


Botox is too common in South Korea with some getting it as early as 14 years to discourage wrinkle development. You have a higher chance of spotting big foot than spotting some wrinkles on a South Korean celebrity. Although Lee Min adamantly denies all plastic surgery rumors, she admits to the Botox and doesn’t really consider it ‘surgery’!

Lee Min Jung plastic surgery before and after
Lee Min Jung

Jaw contouring

This is a pretty risky procedure that most US plastic surgeon prefer not to do, it involves filing down the jaw line for a slimmer face, scary right?!! Min currently spots a V like jaw line from a much rounder earlier face. She attributes this changes to weight loss and of course we don’t believe her!

Lee Min-Jung improvements were for the better and she still as sweet and ageless. I am not advocating for plastic surgery but it’s all about body image and self-worth. We all have areas we wish we could change given the opportunity and means!!

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