Loni Anderson Plastic Surgery: Race against Time

Did Loni Anderson have plastic surgery? Loni Anderson is one of the people who have arguably managed to stop time when it comes to ageing. She will be turning 70 this year but going by the face you can be fooled into thinking she is turning 50. What’s the secret?

Loni was the ultimate se# symbol of the 70s and 80s, Rihanna of that time, but now that she is a grandma she doesn’t necessarily look stunning but to be honest she has managed to look younger than most of her age mates. Whether confirmed or not, it’s no secret that Loni has spent a considerable amount of time on the surgeons table trying and to some extent succeeding in cheating time.

Loni is an American actress most famous for a four year run playing Jennifer Marlowe on WKRP in Cincinnati among other roles in different television films.

Loni Anderson plastic surgery before and after
Loni Anderson plastic surgery before and after

I maybe young but I know for a fact that it is difficult to let your glory days pass by and stand doing nothing, one must put up a fight. This is the classic case for Loni who has been fighting to stay on top even though the world is spinning quite fast, is she losing the fight?

Her strategy has largely been medical though wouldn’t bet against her trying to keep fit in the gym and watching her diet. What has she done?

Facial Surgeries

It must be quite a losing fight trying to naturally maintain a smooth face going several decades and Loni realized this, went to a surgeon, and had a battalion of surgeries to keep THE face. First, she did a nose job in order to achieve an elegant narrow pinched nose.

She also had lip implants as her lips now look fuller than before and what she finally needed in order for the nose and lips to feel at home was a face-lift. Can u imagine skin sagging on Loni’s face? Probably not no wonder she needed a facelift.

Loni Anderson then and now

The trick with a facelift is moderation. When it is not overdone it makes a woman appears years younger and this is where am not sure the surgeon operated with the word moderation in mind. Although she looks younger, her face is not exactly the wallpaper type little wonder the ‘surgery gone wrong articles’ you have probably read.

Boob Job

This can be confusing because Loni’s boobs moved from average to big and then to average size. The only possibility is having 2 surgeries done on your boobs. It is widely speculated that Loni back when she was the Rihanna of her time had a boob job to enhance her role as a Hollywood Sex symbol and it worked until age came calling.

When she aged her boobs proofed to be too much for her body frame and she had to reduce them and maybe partly because the silicon implanted had an issue.

Loni Anderson plastic surgery photos


While Loni has succeed in cheating time it sure is a short term thing and ultimately age will catch up and then she will not be a frequent in the red carpet or, she will further try to avoid the inevitable and end up messing big time with her looks and also not be a frequent in the red carpet.

There is only one possible winner here and that is time, the earlier she accepts that the better for her. That’s the cruelty of time!

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