Has Madhuri Dixit Had Plastic Surgery?

Madhuri Dixit, born on May 15, 1967, is an Indian actress who rose to fame in the 1980s and 1990s. She achieved popularity due to her physical beauty, acting, and dancing skills.

Over the course of her career, Madhuri Dixit won six Filmfare Awards: four for Best Actress, one for Best Supporting Actress, and one special award. Highlights of her career include Dil (1990), Beta (1992) and Hum Aapke Hain Koun which became the highest grossing Hindi-language film in Bollywood history.

Madhuri Dixit plastic surgery photos

Madhuri Dixit married cardiovascular surgeon, Dr. Shiriam Madhav Nene, on October 17, 1999. Together they have two sons: Arin born in March 2003, and Rayaan born in Marh 2005. The family lived in Denver, Colorado for almost ten years before moving to Mumbai, India in 2011.

Plastic Surgery

Madhuri Dixit has a relatively positive outlook about plastic surgery. While the Bollywood star has not confirmed if she has undergone plastic surgery or not, she has stated that if necessary, it is something that she will pursue. Madhuri Dixit wants to age gracefully, but if help is needed, then she would consider it.

Madhuri Dixit plastic surgery before and after
Madhuri Dixit then and now

As she has aged, Madhuri Dixit’s timeless beauty has come under scrutiny and many have pointed to plastic surgery as a rational behind her flawless skin. Most notably, many believe that she has had a nose job. Over time, Madhuri Dixit’s nose has looker thinner, straighter and generally more well-defined.

Madhuri Dixit 2015-2016

In addition to a possible nose job, Madhuri Dixit may have had other facial treatments done. Her skin tone has become both smoother and shinier over the years, and botox may be a reason for this. Many of her wrinkles and fines lines have been erased, leaving areas around her eyes and mouth looking flawless. Madhuri Dixit’s cheeks have also become fuller and more defined, suggesting a possible face lift.

While Madhuri Dixit has neither confirmed nor denied having undergone plastic surgery, her positive sentiments about the subject have led many to speculate as to whether she has had any work done. What is known about the actress is that she rose to fame because of her beauty and in one way or another, has been able to maintain it.

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