Madonna Plastic Surgery- Did the Queen of Pop Went Too Far?

Madonna – Possibly Addicted to Plastic Surgery

It is debatable if Madonna plastic surgery needed to happen. But, once the first did, many other procedures followed, as people of Hollywood have wanted to remain young looking forever.

The most important thing is not to go overboard, and start looking like a plastic doll. Did Madonna manage to do that?


Who Is Madonna?

She was born on August 16, 1958 in Michigan. Madonna is one of the most influential artists of the twentieth century, selling over 250 million records till now. This brought her net worth to astonishing $800 million. During her long career, she was a barrier breaker, constantly reinventing herself on stage. That allowed her to stay relevant as times changed. Until this moment, Madonna released 12 albums, and released many singles, which could often be found at the top of the charts. An acting career later ensued, though not as successful as the one in singing.

The rumors are that Madonna did surgeries below.

Nose Job and Collagen

The queen of pop went through many procedures to look like she does now, but the question is, has she gone too far, much like the former king of pop music, Michael Jackson did? She started quite early, with her first operations happening in the early eighties, but that cannot be confirmed.

Madonna plastic surgery before and after
Madonna plastic surgery before and after

However, the more significant results could be spotted in the late nineties. Her nose seemed sharper, and a bit reduced in size, and the lips looked bigger and meatier, which is possibly a result of receiving collagen injections.


Madonna admits that she uses huge amounts of face creme, and claims that is the secret behind her flawless skin, along with good genes. However, experts believe there is something more to it. In the late forties the skin begins to stretch, and it is normal to have some wrinkles and imperfections. This was not the case with Madonna, which led many to believe that she had a facelift. The natural contours of her face seemed to have changed, as the forehead seemed more stretched, eyebrows lifted, and cheeks fuller, which are all signs of facelift operation, as well as Botox injections.

Madonna plastic surgery

Filler Injections

In the late 2000’s, Madonna did not look like her old self. Once quite skinny looking face, now looked a lot fuller. Filler injections are the type of treatment were a person removes fat deposit from one part of the body, and injects it at the other. This gives that part a puffier look, and in Madonna’s case, she seems as if she injected it in her cheeks. It take a few weeks for this to settle into place, but until it does, the person look swollen.

This is how Madonna looked like in pictures taken in 2013. The part around her eyes also looked a lot different than normal, as it appeared to be a lot puffier. In 2014, once it settled, she seemed much less swollen, but still a bit different than before the procedure.

Madonna then and now
Madonna then and now

Tattoos and Mishaps

Madonna does not have any tattoos on her body. The reason why, is, she never knew what would it be. She once said that she would gladly have a tattoo, only if she would know what to draw.

There was once a concert where power was cut in the middle of the act, and did not come back for another hour. She admits of mistaking the name of the city a few times in her career, while on stage. It all happens because the schedule can be so grueling, and lack of quality sleep.

Personal Information

Full name: Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone
Net worth: $800 Million
Occupation: Singer, Actress, Business Woman, Fashion
Nationality: American
Marital status: Divorced form Guy Ritchie
Nationality: American

Madonna and daughter Dine
Madonna and daughter Dine

Madonna Body Measurements

Height: 5 ft 4 in (1.61 m)
Weight: 100 lbs (45.3 kg)
Measurements: 35-27-33 in (89-68.5-84 cm)
Bra size: 32C
Dress Size: 8
Shoe Size: 8
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green

Even the most famous artists are not immune to surgical procedures, and Madonna plastic surgery sure proves that. Always being controversial, she never admitted, nor denied the rumors.

However, as experts, and many fans claim, it is obvious she had some procedures done on her face. She certainly had the money to do so, and it allowed her to look gorgeous for an extended period of time, so why wouldn’t she?

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