Meg Ryan Hairstyles – Short, Wavy, Long & Medium Straight Casual

Our all time favorite and one of the cutest Hollywood celebrities on the planet, Meg Ryan has always idealized by many of us for the amazing shags and bobs she wears.

Meg Ryan

Let’s check out some of Meg Ryan hairstyles:

Short wavy casual shag

Meg Ryan short hairstyles

Meg loves roughly done haircuts and you’ll rarely see a picture where she wears a formal finely straightened or curled hairstyle. So her hairdressers mostly give her a cut that helps give a shaggy appearance. And her haircuts are an inspiration for those who like to have a low maintenance hairdo.

Her short wavy casual hairdos can be trimmed every few weeks and one can achieve the desired look with a hair product that gives hair some texture and hold. The haircuts shown in the pictures above are suitable for oblong, oval, diamond, and square face shapes.

If you have thin fine hair, you can confidently get these haircuts because they will look fabulous on your hair. These Meg Ryan hairstyles will better suit the women in their 20s or 50s. When you wear glasses with this haircut, you will look like a nerd most of the time unless you have extraordinarily beautiful features.

Styling is quite easy as it only takes a dollop of mousse and molding cream. You’ll first fluff mousse and styling gel into the edges of your tresses and then pinch them towards roots but remember to follow a direction while you do so, because it is important to create the desired texture with the products.

Medium Straight Casual

Meg Ryan medium hairstyles

So do these pictures of Meg Ryan hairstyles inspire you? Ryan wears a totally sculptured hairdo in almost all these photos and the hair on the top of her crown area and along her temples are roughly cut down to create the desired volume and shag.

More layers create more mess but consider the density of your hair while you give layers. Straight hair in medium length can easily achieve this look. If you have oval, heart, square or triangular face shape, you can definitely try this look. It works for any age group. You need a really good quality of styling mousse to flick the ends of your hair in order to get the same results.

Long Wavy Casual

Meg Ryan long hairstyles

These hairstyles look quite versatile and you can hide your ageing with any of these haircuts. Ask your hairdresser to cut long lengths throughout your hair and ask him to keep the bangs longer on both sides. You can add highlights of blonde or any other color along your temples to boost the overall look even more. If you have medium length coarse hair, this kind of hairstyles are the best option for you.

Long Straight Casual

Meg Ryan casual hairstyle

Ryan had straighter shinier hair when she gave her debut in Hollywood. Later when she grew as a celebrity, she preferred short wavier looks. But on and off we have seen many straight Meg Ryan hairstyles that are worth trying.

Don’t forget to check out these pictures that give a glimpse of the times when Ryan did As The World Turns and Harry Meets Sally.

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Meg Ryan Hairstyles

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