Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery: Noticeable Changes in Her Lips

Meg Ryan was one passionate actress, a trait which brought her to stardom starring in roles in CBS soap operas in the 1980s. She has been hailed as one of the most beautiful women who ever set foot on the big stage. In 1989, she established herself as one of Hollywood’s A-lister when her romantic comedy, “When Harry Met Sally,” became a hit.

Despite her innocent, charming, and cute looks, she was always compared to Madonna. In order to maintain her beauty and fight the signs of aging, Ryan has undergone some cosmetic surgery on her face.

Meg Ryan after surgery 2015

Before she underwent any surgery, we remembered the Meg Ryan known for her natural and charming look. However, everything changed when she undergo some surgery. Her facial expression lost its natural look and people have noticed the difference right away.

The treatments the actress received included the elimination of wrinkles and pouty lips. Although her lips look fuller and fleshier now, it does not mean that this make her look beautiful. In fact, the result has made her look odd because her face looks too tight and her lips produces some sort of devilish smile.

Meg Rryan plastic surgery before & after photos
Meg Rryan plastic surgery before & after photos

A lot of people did not recognize the actress because of excessive plastic surgery. Gone was the Meg Ryan who used to be queen of the chick flicks. Nowadays, her surgery has drawn more attraction than her films, even overshadowing her previous achievements.

In her 50s, Meg Ryan appears wrinkle-free but her love of these cosmetic procedures has done more harm than good to her looks. Aside from her super-smooth forehead, other noticeable changes in Meg’s face are her lips which appear fuller due to too much injection of fat and her cheeks which look more plump which is probably a result of fat grafting.

Meg Ryan then and now
Meg Ryan then and now

There are also other claims from unnamed sources that the actress has also undergone eyebrow lift and probably a nose job. In spite of all her efforts to maintain and enhance her features, Meg seems to have received the opposite. In fact, critics say that the only available role for Meg Ryan is that of the Joker in Batman. Her plastic surgery allegations did not stop there. In other reports, it is said that she must have undergone breast implantation as well.

The actress did not make any confirmation whether she has gone under the knife or not. However, the obvious transformation on her looks speak more and few will believe if ever she denied them. Also, when you pay close attention to her pictures before and now, you will see the complete difference.

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