Megan Fox Plastic Surgery: Hit or Miss?

Megan Fox plastic surgery rumors have been doing rounds in the tabloids with so many arguing that she must have made some cosmetic alterations.

This 28 year old boasts of amazing looks and body given she is a mother of two. Her beautiful blue eyes are unforgettable coupled with that long dark hair, she can be considered as a modern day sex symbol.

Megan Fox plastic surgery suspicions are fueled by the fact that she is always looking different each year. Although, Megan is arguably among the top hottest actresses in Hollywood, it is undeniable that she has modified her looks.

Megan Fox after surgery 2015

We first fell in love with Megan after her amazing performance in the first Transformers alongside Shia LaBeouf in her sexy booty shorts and crop tops. She is not new to Hollywood and begun way earlier in 2001 staring the hilarious sitcom Hope and Faith.

Comparing her characters from way then, one can tell that she has evolved to a much better actress with a brand new face. Today, plastic surgery has been too common especially for celebrities with many opting for multiple procedures, as such, Megan fox’s plastic surgery rumors does not come as a surprise!

Megan Fox in Transformers

Megan Fox is rumored to have undergone a good number of plastic surgeries. The following are the most rumored:

Nose job

Of all the things Megan Fox could deny, it is evident that she had some rhinoplasty. A back-to-back photo examination proves that she had the bridge straightened and the tip shortened. Previously, her nose was a bit wider with a somewhat pointy tip. Her nose is currently perfect only befitting of a goddess like something carefully molded with a surgeon’s knife.


Megan recently took to Facebook posting various photos of her doing a variety of expressions. Her caption, would I be able to do this with Botox?’ The expressions were pretty basic and if anything proved that she has not gone overboard with the Botox injections, but does not rule it out.

Megan Fox plastic surgery before and after
Megan Fox’s plastic surgery changes

Her forehead is like the baby’s butt, smooth and wrinkle free. We of course don’t expect wrinkles on a 28 year old, but at least there should be some hints or smile lines!

Cheek fillers

Megan fox plastic surgery could not be complete without some fillers here and there. Her surgeon clearly did an impeccable job as you can hardly tell. Her cheeks are a bit higher than they were especially when she smiles. They also appear fuller, and since she has not gained any significant weight, this can only be as a result of fillers.

Lip job

While in her Hope and Faith days, Megan was so much different than she was and I don’t mean in terms of age. Her lips were way thinner than they now are, I don’t know of a natural way to get those Angelina Jolie lips other than lip injections, do you?

Megan Fox then and now
Megan Fox then and now

Megan Fox lip reduction, and therefore sexy lips, is one of her physical attributes that has made her so famous and beautiful. If you check Megan Fox’s lip job plastic surgery before and after photos, you will be hit by the true reality and you will see that they are much smaller than before. The earlier images have her lips appearing too big, and somehow swollen.

Laser resurfacing

Although technically this is not considered as plastic surgery, Megan had it done a while back. Growing up, Megan had some acne and freckles splattered across her skin none of which are present today. She is now so flawless almost like a Barbie doll.

Megan Fox plastic surgery photo

With the numerous Megan Fox plastic surgery rumors doing rounds on the internet, she has not been quoted defending herself save for the Facebook post. Megan Fox remained top on the celebrity sexy list. As long as she is not overdoing it, I think her plastic surgeries were for the better.

Megan Fox Tattoos:

Megan Fox Tattoos
Megan Fox Tattoos
Megan Fox Tattoos
Megan Fox Tattoos

Generally, Megan’s plastic surgery has made news with anxious reporters reporting about her unparalleled beauty. They examined a bundled of pictures from her different times of her life – before and after the surgery rumors. Though Megan is yet to admit ever going under the knife, her pictures speak the truth. No one, who has had the chance to view them will doubt the fact that she has gone for the cut several times.

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