Mel Gibson Net Worth: The Hunk Aussie Actor Next Door

Mel Gibson, one of the iconic Hollywood actors, has popularly known for his accolades in the movies like Mad Max and Lethal Weapon that brought the spotlight upon him. According to current statistics, Mel Gibson’s Net Worth circumscribes around $600 million.

One of most successful and best paid actors of all time, Mel Gibson devoted his life in building up his career, not only as an efficacious actor, but later on his life, diverted his attention in the art of filmmaking, which paved his path to reach the echelon of Hall of Fame.

Despite being involved into several legal issues, he never let it affect his career. He incurred several vast properties and a huge fortune which is worth envy.

Mel Gibson net worth 2015

According to several media sources and Reuters, Mel Gibson’s net worth which is $600 million, suffered a major setback due to several legal reasons, one being the divorce from his wife, Robyn Denise Moore, after sustaining a successful prolonged marriage that lasted for 31 years.

He has to part with half of his fortune for such a devastating turn of events in 2009, when the couple separated on varied marital grounds. His tenacity and dedication for hard work is one of the fundamental reasons for his success. In the recent times, his collaboration with the stellar cast of “The Expandables” gave him another chance to reclaim his lost fortune. The Aussie hunk now stands on the pedestal of an enviable sum, which estimates to be around $425 million.

Personal Life of Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson was born in Peeksill, NY, albeit his parents being Australian by birth, who were Irish Catholic devotees. Born and raised in the family of 11 children, Mel developed his thick Australian accent in the after he was gruesomely teased by his classmates for having an Australian tongue.

Despite having a relative deprivation of financial aids, Mel pursued his dreams of working in the limelight. He joined National Institute of Dramatic Arts in Australia and started manifesting his dreams by working in his debut movie Summer City, which paved his path for success into Hollywood.

Mel Gibson Robyn Moore photo

Mel got married to his ex-wife Robyn Denise Moore, late back in 1980, with whom he had 7 children. Owing to several legal grounds, the couple sued their divorce in 2009, after sustaining a fruitful 30 years relationship.

Shortly after his divorce proceedings, Mel entered into a relationship with singer Oksana Grigorieva. The couple split shortly in 2010, owing to certain racial outbursts that Mel inflicted on her. Apart from verbal abuse, Mel had been charged with domestic proceedings of slapping Oksana for surfacing the internet. Such a misdemeanor of conduct caused several turmoil in his life, which caused him to denounce from his Hollywood colleagues.

Mel Gibson’s life as a filmmaker

There has been a dramatic turn of events in Mel Gibson’s life. One such extraordinary shift in his career is his decision in pursuing in filmmaking. With persistent and withstanding tenacity, Mel has directed several movies, the infamous of them being “The Passion of the Christ” which earned controversial criticism for its anti-Semitism concept. In spite of several controversies, he pursued his profession and won accolades as a director of several movies.

Mel Gibson’s properties

The Aussie hunk owns several real estates all around the globe, some of which he sold at auctions, while he was charged with divorce proceedings. The property at Old Mill Farm, Greenwich was sold in 2010 for a ransom fortune, while Lavender Hills Farm in Malibu is open for auction for $12.75 million. He also owns a jungle house in Hacienda Dorada Costa Rica, which he’s planning to put forward in the market.

Mel Gibson's house
Mel Gibson’s house

Mel also owns a private luxurious aircraft Gulfstream V, which has the record of providing the unparalleled comfort. He also has possession of several automobiles including Smart Car, Lexus LS600, 2008 Maserati Quattroporte, Mercedes CLS 500.

Mel has also redirected his fortune for Anthropological Research and Environmental Studies. Moreover he is associated with several charity organizations as well.

Mel Gibson’s body statistics

Height – 177cm
Color of the eyes – Blue
Hair color – Dark Brown

In spite of having ups and downs in his life, Mel continued to earn several million dollars by pursuing his career in several blockbuster action movies. Mel Gibson Net Worth is continuously expanding, and with his chain of fans for his action movies, he’s one of the legendary stellar actors of the Hollywood.

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