Melissa Gilbert Plastic Surgery Before and After

Melissa Gilbert has been dogged by a series of plastic surgery allegations and there are plausible reasons why. See, the actress and producer has had her appearance change over the years she has been in the public limelight.

The Little House on the Prairie actress has had a number of plastic surgery procedures during her 51 years of life and maybe, these procedures are part of the reason why she did not expire sooner from the relevance of Hollywood. It seems, though, that in spite of this, age has finally caught up with her as she has thrown herself in Michigan’s congressional race. She has even stated that her acting career has lately stalled in reference to the tax issues that were recently raised against her.

Melissa Gilbert plastic surgery before and after

Boob Job

Melissa Gilbert, apparently after having a child, had issues with her chest area. She claims that her husband made comments about her breasts which prompted her to go for implants. Nevertheless, in early 2015, she made public her decision to go under the knife again to have her implants removed forever. Apparently, she had come to an awakening that aging should be acceptable to women and had a message for the womenfolk to accept its natural process! She particularly mentioned the need to have implants replaced every few years which to her, she said, was a tall order.

Melissa Gilbert Before And After Plastic Surgery
Melissa Gilbert Before And After Breast Implants

Cheek Implants

Melissa’s cheeks are also very well defined. In fact, they give the impression of naturally high cheekbones which have held steady in spite of her age.

Melissa Gilbert then and now

Well, there are rumours doing the rounds that the politician must have had implants inserted a while back to safeguard this aspect of her face’s youthfulness. She might not have had plain cheeks before but the fact that the beauty of her cheekbones show no signs of waning is a subtle sign of plastic surgery help.


Melissa Gilbert Nose Job Pictures

Melissa Gilbert, in her youthful days, had a rather large nose. We might not be able to tell the exact time during which she had it tweaked but before and after pictures reveal that it was made slimmer with a well—refined tip. The truth is that this change has given her face remarkable beauty and was a success.

Lip filler injections and Botox

Melissa Gilbert plastic surgery

Melissa’s lips look fuller and sexier than one would expect from a woman of her age. Well, someone can defend her by saying that hers is just a case of good genes but many people think otherwise. This is because her before and after photos can clearly tell that her lips used to be slimmer. This has to be a case of properly administered fillers as her lips do not look overdone.

There is a bit of tightness of skin on her face (forehead especially) as well which usually points to Botox injections. The area around her forehead, especially, is rather smooth for a 51-year old and this points to well-done Botox injections.

The fact that Melissa seems not to have carried things to the extremes with her surgeries makes it difficult to tell for sure if she has gone under the knife in all the rumoured procedures. Save for the breast augmentation which she admitted, it cannot be said with precision that she had the others because the changes to her looks have been subtle.

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