Meryl Streep Plastic Surgery – Rumor or True?

In the past years, Meryl Streep has been a major campaigner against plastic surgery. She has featured in the movies ‘Julia’, ‘Deer Hunter’, ‘Kramer vs Kramer’ and ‘The Deadliest Son’, ‘It’s Complicated’ among several others. She has been seen in the public criticizing those celebrities who choose to go under the knife. She says that the ageing process should be embraced and it should be allowed to proceed naturally.

She also said that she herself can never go under the knife for cosmetic enhancement purposes. There has been no proof of her having done a cosmetic enhancement procedure. Most celebrities go under the knife in order to compete with their counterparts who are A-list beauties in getting major roles in movies. Meryl Streep argues that there will still be roles even when one gets old.

Therefore Meryl Streep is still unlikely to be in the list of candidates who have undergone or who will undergo cosmetic enhancement procedures.

Meryl Streep plastic surgery before and after
Meryl Streep plastic surgery before and after

However, a critical analysis of her tends to raise lots of questions. At the age of 65, her youthful looks are questionable. She has taut skin on her face and neck which in normal cases is unlikely to have happened naturally. Experts suspect that she might have had a face lift, a neck lift and most probably even an eyelid surgery. They also suspect her to have been using Botox injections over the years.

They suspect that she has been doing multiple cosmetic enhancements over the years. There has been no proof yet of her ever going under the knife to improve on her beauty. Whether she did it or not, we all admit that she looks very natural like someone who is ageing gracefully. They also think that her youthful face may have resulted from chemical peels or laser. Routine dermal injections like Botox or Restylane may have also played part in her youthful look.

She celebrates her aging saying that at least she does not have to play the leading role of ‘the sexy lady’. She says that at least right now she is in a position to be given more creative roles which she enjoys playing and we all agree that she is perfect at that. An example of her most recent movie in which she plays that role is in ‘Iron Lady‘, where she plays the role of Margaret Thatcher.

Meryl Streep then and now
Meryl Streep then and now

There have been all sorts of rumors about her having done nip-tucks and all other sorts of procedure but for now the rumors are unfounded since there has been no solid proof of that. The controversy over her cosmetic enhancement has remained unresolved over some time now.

If asked I would say that if she really has had cosmetic enhancement procedure, then she should come out in the open and give out the surgeon’s contacts because she looks so natural for it.

After all is said and done; only she knows the deep secret behind her beauty, for they say you can lie to everyone else but you can never lie to yourself. We wish her all the best in the life, whether she has had surgery or not!

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