Michael Jackson Plastic Surgery – Failed Cosmetic Procedures

Michael Jackson was a celebrity musician whose plastic surgery brought him so much attention. He kept on changing his appearance over the years and the only thing that remained constant was his plastic surgery. His plastic surgeon, Steven Hoefflin, even came out in the open and admitted that Michael had before had a nose job, permanent makeup, restylane, bleaching among others.

Nose job

In 1979, Jackson fell down and broke his nose. He took this as an opportunity to change his nose. This is something that he came to detest later on due to public criticism. He even told Oprah Winfrey that he became so ashamed of his nose that he could hide his face in the dark. Proof of his nose job is quite visible on the cover of his album ‘Off The Wall’.

Michael Jackson nose job photos
Michael Jackson nose job photos


In 1990, Michael’s skin looked lighter than before and this was suspected to be as a result of using skin bleaching creams or makeup or both. He was even spotted to be wearing long sleeves and high collar neck in order to cover his neck. What he could not with his clothes, he used pale makeup to cover it up. It was also noted that he had a much narrower and more pointed nose than before. It was also upturned.


By 2009, Michael Jackson had acquired a gaunty look that reflected loss of fat in the face. Experts say that this was due to the use of tissue fillers which included injections of Restylane; a temporary tissue filler use to remove fat from some parts of the face thus making them look thinner and to increase fat in some other parts of the face thus making them look thinner.

Michael Jackson plastic surgery photos
Michael Jackson plastic surgery photos

The previous steroids he had used for the nose made the skin around that area so light that the injected gel was visible. Klein was the one who injected him with the gels. An expert also believes that a cancer biopsy may have been the cause of the indentation on the side of Michael Jackson’s nose.

Michael Jackson in public
Michael Jackson’s last public photo

Michael Jackson’s plastic surgery was known worldwide and he publicly admitted to it. However, personally he did not enjoy the criticism and feedback he got from his fans and everyone worldwide. It is also evident that he did not enjoy the end results of his surgery since most of the time he spent it away from the public and whenever he came out he could hide himself by covering up with clothes, wigs and make up.

His plastic surgery was also partly responsible for his large debts that he had before he died since it was expensive to maintain it. It is also rumored that his fake nose went missing when his body was in the morgue.

Despite everything he went through, he still managed to be the most celebrated celebrity musician especially after he died. Within two weeks after his death, millions and millions of his albums were sold out and his songs topped in most rankings. It is ironical how when one dies, people start listening!

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