Mickey Rourke Net Worth and Biography

Full Name: Philip Andre Rourke Jnr
Occupation: Former Professional Boxer, Actor, Screen Writer
Nationality: American
Marital Status: In a Relationship. Has been married twice!

At the moment, Mickey Rourke’s net worth is $15 million. The American actor, retired boxer and screen writer is a common face in a number of screens around the world. Although he has been a professional boxer at some time in his life, he is known more for acting in action packed drama than in his professional boxing stint. He has also been spotted in Wrestle-Mania.

Mickey Rourke net worth

Mickey became active in filming in 1982 when he appeared in a comedy drama, Diner. This was followed a year later by Rumble Fish before he appeared in The Pope of the Greenwich Village in 1984. His next movie was an erotic drama titled 9 and1/2 weeks in 1986 which got mixed reviews. He again starred in a horror movie named Angel Heart in 1997 which received critical praise.

Boxing Career

Before immersing himself into acting, Rourke had passion for sports. At only 12 years, he had won a boxing match in the flyweight category. He weighed 51kg at that time. After the win, he got encouragement and trained even harder at the 5th Street Gym in Miami. By the time he was 17 years old, Mickey weighed 63.5 kg. During this time, he sparred with Louis Rodriguez, the number one rated world boxer in the middleweight category. He claims during one of his training sessions that he got concussed. His other concussion was when he participated in a Florida Golden Gloves in 1971.

After this, he was advised by his doctors to take a break from boxing. When he got back to the ring, he won 27 matches, 17 through knockout and was only defeated three times.


After the short break from boxing, Mickey had a role in acting in a school play. He was at the Miami Beach Senior High School at the time. His passion was more of boxing, but he was encouraged by a friend to take up the role of a man who had quit in the play Deathwatch. He borrowed money from his sister (about $400) to go to New York. He was also escaping from police because they wanted to arrest him for being involved in a burglary.

His debut film was in Steven Spielberg’s 1941 movie which was filmed in late 1971. He also featured in more movies like Fade to Black in 1980 among others. However, he was noticed when he acted in Body Heat which was featured in 1981. In Body Heat, he took a brief role as an arsonist yet was still able to receive enough attention. He later on acted in Diner where he got lots of recognition and was even named Best Supporting Actor.

In 1987, he was in the film, Angel Heart. This is perhaps one of the best films that earned him a name in Hollywood. Though it was controversial because of its sexual scenes, Rourke got more attention from it. He acted in other movies and became controversial owing to his personal decisions. Most directors said they had a tough time working with him.

Love for Pets

Mickey has an uncanny love for pets and owns several of them. He has often said in interviews they are the company he knows when his women leave. He is also a cheerful donor to charities.


Rourke owns immense wealth. He has rented an expensive Manhattan apartment that bespeaks splendor. He also owns a Bentley Continental GT that he has been seen driving around.

The actor loves to go on vacations at plush destinations. He was recently spotted enjoying the sunshine at one of Croatia’s shores. Mickey has wealth and uses it handsomely.

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