Mike Tyson Net Worth: Representing The Reversal of Fame And Fate

Very few boxers in the world’s boxing history have been as prolific in the boxing ring and notorious in real life as Mike Tyson. Mike Tyson net worth which is currently $1 million and once estimated $300 million could be much bigger than the present and the former amounts, provided that he would have avoided squandering all his money.

Seriously offended by arrests, imprisonment and notoriety, the life of Michael Gerard “Mike” Tyson incorporates a gruesome whole of a rise to fortune and fame to a shocking bankruptcy. The retired American heavyweight boxer is now only a portrayal of his once-glorious youngest heavyweight champion.

Mike Tyson net worth 2015

Early life:

Some believed that it was Tyson’s birthplace that affected his later part of life. He was born in Brooklyn New York on 30th June, 1966. Having grown up in a very dangerous neighborhood in Brooklyn, Tyson, by the age of 13, got arrested 38 times. Just when he was compelled to get admitted into the Tyron School, it seemed like he received his saving grace.

The Tyron School for Boys as his early boxing home:

Since then, he was able to demonstrate his groovy talents in the ring. He started received training from Bobby Stewart who was a former boxer and a counselor to the juvenile detention center. The early trainer eventually introduced Tyson to Cus D’Amato who was a legendary boxing trainer and manager. Tyson’s new trainer started taking over all of his training responsibilities quickly. Gradually, the trainer turned Tyson’s legal guardian as his mother died when he was 16 years old.

At the Junior Olympics in 1982, he met his first success by winning a silver medal. By the age of 20, Mike touched the first landmark of his career as he became the youngest boxer to clinch the WBA, IBF and WBC heavyweight titles.

Mike Tyson knockout photo

Mike’s career– Making people ask how much does Mike Tyson make a year:

With the inception of Tyson as a powerful boxer, the prizefighting history welcomed a recognizable phenom who had been known for his actions inside the boxing ring and out. Being in possession of angry aggression, superb speed and invincible power, Mike grabbed the title of World Boxing Council heavyweight in 1986.

Winning the WBA title next year, he got a name “Iron Mike” and became the world’s undisputed heavyweight champion. In 1988, Tyson took on one his famous boxing games against Michael Spinks. Mike defeated the formerly undefeated boxer in just 91 seconds and received a huge sum of money estimating around $20 million. Throughout a very short span, his contemporary boxers took him as invincible until 1990 when he got knocked out by James “Buster” Douglas, a very lightly considered boxer without name.

Mike Tyson got arrested
Mike Tyson was arrested in December (2006) in drug issue.

A brief note on Mike’s assets showing how much is Mike Tyson worth:

Unfortunately, all anyone could say about Mike’s assets belonged to a former time. He dwelled in a luxury home and had a collection of luxury cars. He used to keep Bengali tigers. In order to freely state his adoration for his wife, he gifted his $2.3 million worth golden bathtub. Because of his controversial behavior, legal problems and conviction on a rape charge, Mike became notoriously known all around.

Mike Tyson's Bengal Tiger
Mike Tyson’s Bengal Tiger

His lavish lifestyle and frequent arrests led to a very unfortunate consequence. In 2003, he was forcibly made to file for bankruptcy. The same year, Tyson sold his Farmington Mansion named Conn. To a rapper named 50 Cent for $4.1 million. He received over $30 million as earnings from his several fights. During the pinnacle of his career success, he made $300 million.

Mike Tyson's car
Mike Tyson’s car

Radical cessation to his winning saga:

His victory on 26 occasions out of 28 fights attracted the public and media attention. The sudden death of his trainer, Cus D’Amato in 1985 affected Tyson’s skills in a way that most of his later fights were characterized with devastation and anger.

Mike Tyson’s body measurements:

Height: 180 cm (5′ 11″)
Weight: 218 lbs (99 kg)
Chest: 43 inches (normal) and 43 inches (extended)
Bicep: 41 cm (16 inches)
Neck: 20.5 inches
Wrist: 8 inches
Fist: 13 inches
Thigh: 27 inches
Calf: 19 inches
Forearm: 14 inches
Waist: 86 cm (34 inches)

Another recognition that added to Tyson’s legendary was Nintendo’s release of “Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out”, a smash hit video game. Still, Mike Tyson net worth is a popularly sought-after fact about America’s iconic boxer despite the many of his self-made adversities.

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