Nelly Net Worth and Biography

Nelly is a famous American rapper and his full name is Cornell Iral Haynes Jr. He was born in Texas in 1994. Nelly net worth is around $60 million.

Nelly was born in 1974 in Texas and his father was an army officer. He moved to St. Louis Missouri after the separation of his parents and he was just 7 years old at that time. His professional career in music began with his participation in the rap group called The Lunatics.

Nelly's Net Worth

He signed his first recording contract with Universal Records in 1996 and four years later, he came up with his own label Country Grammar that was his debut album too. His success began from this album and gradually he was counted among the top recording artists of the country. He sold 20 million copies of his debut album in the same year it was released. His first single Country Grammar became famous like a national anthem. Basically this album featured a lot of singers i.e. Lil Wayne, Cedric the Entertainer, and Teamsters.

Soon after the success of his debut album, he moved on to record a group album with the group he was working with, it was St. Lunatics. The album turned into a huge success and remained in top three on Billboard charts.

Nelly’s Workout Routine

In late 2014, Nelly has been in spotlight for staying in great physical shape. He once shared his workout routines with a website and told that he has been an active sportsman throughout his life and he is fond of playing football. He has an athletic build but he regularly began weight lifting and toning when he was 24 years old. He is naturally lean and it has always been a dilemma for him to gain weight. He said that he works out for five times a week.

Nelly's Workout photo

Gym is his favorite place but when his schedule doesn’t allow him to go to the gym; he does 1000 to 1500 sits ups at home or in his studios. Plus he loves playing basketball because it is said to be a great cardio. He likes machines for the workout but he prefers moving around different types of exercises to keep himself from getting bored. To him, switching around various exercises is very important so his body doesn’t get used to one thing.

Since he is naturally lean so he has never been on any kind of diet; he eats whatever he likes and rarely puts on. His favorite snack is Oreo and chocolate cake. He loves snacking and he snacks all day especially when he desperately wants to put on a few pounds.

Nelly's bicep
Nelly showing his bicep

Nelly’s Love Life

Nelly has a long list of girlfriends including Karrine Steffans, Nicole Narain, Kat Stacks, Kelly Rowland, Lashontae Heckard, Ashanti, and Shantel Jackson. With the last girl, Miss Jackson, Nelly is still in love. And he seems to be very possessive about her. Early this year, when they were spotted together on an airport, he didn’t allow his bodyguard to shake hands with her. He behaves very cautiously when it comes to touch her girl.

Previously there were rumors that the 40 years old rapper was trying his best to hide his relationship with Jackson as much as possible. But now they are sharing their pictures on social media and also posting statuses for each other. The couple tries best to keep it cute and sweet for the Nellyville show.

Nelly and Miss Jackson
Nelly and Miss Jackson

Nelly’s Property

Nelly owns three homes and all are located in St. Louis, Missouri. The most beautiful of all three is located in Eureka that is a double story luxurious home with four bedrooms and its worth is $1.4 million. Nelly loves cars and he owns a Ford Flex and Ford Mustang.

Nelly’s Custom Ford Flex
Nelly’s Custom Ford Flex

America gave him two Grammies. Nelly net worth has increased a lot after he won Grammy awards. He also acted in a film named The Longest Yard in 2005. He had two clothing lines named Vokal and Apple Bottoms, but later he sold them to a Jewish company.

Nelly’s Body Measurements

Height: 5 ft 9 in
Weight: 185 lbs
Build: Athletic

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