Overdose: Haifa Wehbe Plastic Surgery

Born on March 10, 1973 in Lebanon, Haifa Wehbe grew up in a very tiny farming community where she would hone her talents for dance and acting, as she used to love performing little skits for her family every time they got together for family night. Her beauty is something of a rarity, a true genuine creature that took what she had a made something big out of it.

Haifa Wehbe
Haifa Wehbe

When she walked upon that stage to be crowned Miss. Lebanon, it was the very beginning of a career which so many can only dream of, it was all Haifa Wehbe’s to enjoy and to also gift the world with. The talent grew and grew from those humble days at the age of sixteen. Her gifts as a singer and an actress sent this Lebanon beauty through the stratosphere of fame and even into a little international acclaim.

Chin Job

Next on the list is a chin implant which resembles, well, a chin implant, that is what the surgeon should be trying to avoid is the obviousness but in all due respect, he either didn’t care or he possibly might have returned back from happy hour. This is one definitely looks like a botched job for certain.

Haifa Wehbe chin job
Then and Now
Haifa Wehbe Plastic Surgery H
Haifa When Young
Haifa Wehbe Plastic Surgery
Haifa Wehbe Before and After

Haifa Wehbe Details:

Full Name: Haifa Wehbe

Net Worth: $5 million

Occupation: Model

Nationality: American

Marital Status: Married

Haifa Wehbe Body Measurements:

Height: 123 lbs (56 kg)

Weight: 5′ 4″ (1.63 m)

Measurements: 34-28-38

Bra size: 34C

Dress Size: 2

Shoe Size: 8

Hair Color: Brown Dark

Eye Color: Brown Dark

Haifa Wehbe plastic surgery was for the most part a botch, the surgeon who was employed obviously didn’t know what he was doing. It would seem that maybe a few more years of schooling wouldn’t hurt him a bit, although the botox did come out really good, it must be said. The damage that has been done can actually be reversed with a little tlc but it will have to be done with the hands of a more skilled surgeon this time around but Haifa is a beautiful woman and deserves the best of care, if she finds that, she will be on her way.

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