Park Min Young Plastic Surgery: Eye and Jaw Augmentation

A talented South Korean actress, Pak Min Young plastic surgery has taken her looks to a whole different level. Looking at her before and after pictures, it is clear that this is one instance where plastic surgery went well and did a whole lot for the looks of the celebrity.

With Pak Min Young, there is no speculation about whether or not she went under the surgeon’s knife because she came out and announced that she did undergo cosmetic surgery to enhance her beauty. This is not something that most celebrities find easy to admit and there are those who continuously deny having cosmetic surgery even though they now look nothing like they did when they first started out in the industry.

Park Min Young

However, for this talented South Korean beauty, only good things have happened as a result of her plastic surgery procedures.

Pak Min Young’s career has soared and she has suddenly taken on a goddess status among her fans in Korea and other parts of the world. Even in the US, she has a huge fan base who have only fallen more in love with the actress since her plastic surgery operations.

What is so amazing about her plastic surgery is that the before and after pictures show that she still looks so natural and she is now sexier than ever. Her eyes have been completely transformed and they now look bigger and so beautiful.

Park Min Young before plastic surgery
Park Min Young before plastic surgery

The Korean plastic surgeons must be very good because most Korean celebrities who opt for cosmetic surgery for beauty reasons appear prettier, sexier and more successful after their operations.

The sexy South Korean actress was born in March 4th 1986 and most popularly known for her successful leading role in the 2010 Korean television drama “Sungkyunkwan Scandal”. She began her career as a model in a commercial for TK Telecom. It was a successful debut.

Park Min Young after plastic surgery
Park Min Young after plastic surgery

When the Chinese remake of the American hit show “Gossip Girl” airs, Park Min Young will be joining the show to play the main role of ‘It girl’ Serena Van Der Woodsen. The show is still underway.

The beautiful and talented South Korean actress is reported to have undergone her first ever plastic surgery when she was only a junior high student because she was always taunted in school. She is said to have undergone about 4 more surgeries thereafter.

Some Park Min Young Plastic Surgery Procedures

Eye Augmentation

The 29 years old now super gorgeous actress model reportedly had eye augmentation plastic surgery. This was to make her eyes look bigger and more beautiful.

Jaw Augmentation

Park Min Young Plastic Surgery Before and After
Park Min Young Plastic Surgery Before and After

The actress followed it up with some jaw augmentation or correction surgery. Her face is thinner, and oval shaped now.

If you have ever looked for any reason why plastic surgery is good for handling beauty or appearance or self-confidence problems, Park Min Young’s plastic surgery comes to mind. She is the perfect picture of everything that is good about cosmetic procedures.

However, Park Min Young’s present look after her plastic surgery procedures is rumored to be in close semblance to or sort of triplicate with other two Korean super star actresses,Kim Yu Mi and YooAra. What does this tell you?

Park Min Young Body Measurements and Details

Date of birth: March 4th 1986
Age: 29 years
Place of birth: Seoul
Star sign: Pisces
Height: 163 CM
Weight: 40.8 kg
Body build: slim
Eye color: Brown-Dark
Hair color: Brown-Dark
Nationality: South Korean
Occupation: Actress, model

Who did Park Min Young date?

Park Min Young with Lee Min-Ho
Park Min Young with Lee Min-Ho

The young beautiful actress who was born in Seoul reportedly date Lee Min-Ho who is also an actor and model for a short period of time before they broke up. Lee Min-Ho may be just 24 years old but he is seriously one of the most popular faces in Korean entertainment. He was once on CNN’s Top 20 Hottest South Korean Male Celebrities List.

Park Min Young’s Net Worth: Still under review. Note that doing plastic surgeries are pretty expensive; especially the most successful procedures like that of Park Min Young.

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