Priscilla Presley Net Worth & Family (Husband & Children)

Name: Priscilla Presley
Nationality: American
Occupation: Actress, Business Magnate
Marital Status: Divorced
Children: Lisa Marie Presley

The American actress and business magnate Priscilla Presley’s net worth is $100 million. Although divorced from the rock musician, Elvis Presley four years before he passed on, she still uses the Presley name and is known more by it than any other despite a number of other relationships she has had. She is a co-founder of EPE or Elvis Presley Enterprises, a company that has turned Graceland into a renowned tourist attraction site.

Priscilla Presley net worth

Priscilla’s Early Life

Priscilla was born to James Wagner, a German whose parents had immigrated to the US, and Ann whose biological parents were of Norwegian descent. Her father worked at the US Navy and was killed during a crash as he was returning home on holiday. By that time, Priscilla was only six months. The secret was kept away from her but she managed to discover it one day while rummaging through family keepsakes’ wooden box. She was later raised by a Canadian Ann met soon after burying her husband.

Priscilla’s step-dad was a pilot too and he moved from one place to another. Priscilla says she hated moving from one destination to the next each time she had made new friends. However, this did not stop their constant moves. They eventually settled in Germany where she met Elvis Presley who was serving in the army then. Priscilla was only 14 years then while the randy lad was 24. Her parents were not happy about this relationship since Elvis had brought back Priscilla home late. All the same, after he promised to bring her back early, they relented, albeit grudgingly.

Elvis moved back to America and there were rumors of him and Nancy Sinatra seeing one another. This disturbed little Priscilla who decided perhaps they were never meant to be after all. But as fate would have it, they again met in 1972 and this time, Elvis convinced her parents to let him go with Priscilla to the US. They gave tough conditions which Elvis accepted.

The two lovebirds got married and soon after had a child named Lisa Marie Presley. Their union could however, not last due to Elvis’ constant absence from her life. There were also rumors doing their rounds about his affairs with numerous women he acted with. He denied all of it, insisting that the press could write anything about anyone when they so wished.

Things went from bad to worse and they eventually separated before having a divorce on the October of 1973. They agreed on a modest settlement. On the day when the divorce case was finalized, the two left the courtroom hand in hand, a sign that they still were friends despite their separation. Soon after this, Priscilla began a joint business venture with a friend. They opened a boutique in Los Angeles. Elvis supported his former wife in this, contacting friends to help with its promotion.

After Elvis death in 1977, the store was closed. Priscilla was faced by a tough time because the taxes had also taken a bite off the estates left for Lisa Marie. A brilliant idea came to her to turn Graceland to a tourist resort. This paid off and has brought in lots of cash for her to date. The facility has made her more than $100 million rich, becoming one of the few successful business women in the US.

Priscilla has launched a variety of fragrances as well as linen wear. Apart from that, she has acted in a number of films such as Breakfast with Einstein and Finding Graceland. She reports that she loved to act but Elvis insisted that a girl’s role was to look after her man at home. All the same, after he passed away, she took up acting as a career.

She took up a TV role in the film Love is Forever which she acted alongside Michael Landon. She later on said working with Michael was difficult and gave it up. Another role was as Jenna Wade on Dallas, a famous soap opera. She remained in the soap for five years but left to tackle other tasks.


Priscilla has had a series of relationships, some even before they were divorced. Soon after calling it quits with Elvis, she was romantically involved with Mike Stone, her karate instructor. Other men she has been involved with include Marco Garibaldi, Nigel Lythgoe and Mike Edwards. All in all, the wealthy actress and business tycoon has a good life that money provides.

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