Priscilla Presley Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong – Before & After Photos

Priscilla Presley – What Would Elvis Say?

Priscilla Presley plastic surgery was not only unsuccessful, but also done by a non-qualified person. This made her look strange, as her cheeks looked deformed. A huge mistake like this seems almost impossible for people of Hollywood who can afford the best doctors, but it still happened. It ended with a lawsuit against her doctor, and his imprisonment. Fully deserved, to say the least.

Who Is Priscilla Presley?

She was born on May 24, 1945, in Brooklyn, New York. Upon noticing her last name, you immediately get the association to the late and great king of rock, Elvis, who she married in 1967.

Priscilla Presley

The marriage did not last for long and was ended six years later. After the death of Elvis, she used their house to create a museum, which turned into a multimillion dollar business.

She later went on to become a successful actress and business woman, which raised her net worth to $100 million. She appeared in three “Naked gun” movies alongside Leslie Nielsen, and popular series “Dallas”. Today she has a vast fortune, and is involved in many industries.

It is rumored that Priscilla Presley had surgeries below.


This operation can be pretty dangerous, as Priscilla Presley found out in 2003. Her procedure was done by an unlicensed surgeon, injecting her an industrial-grade type of silicon, which is normally used to lubricate cars. She was just one of many victims of Dr. Serrano, who was later sentenced to jail.

Priscilla Presley plastic surgery before and after
Priscilla Presley plastic surgery before and after

She did not treat her patients with care, and it is a pure luck there was no casualties. Serrano was later sentenced to 18 months of prison time. After the surgery, there were massive lumps on Priscilla’s cheeks, and she could not move parts of her face. She was very shocked that something like this could happen, but later made peace with it and decided it was time to move on.

Life with Elvis

She got married really young, and was not a formed person yet. Elvis on the other hand was very impulsive, and liked the stuff done his way, and his way only. This unhealthy relationship is probably what made Priscilla feel insecure about herself, and years later go through a horror with the failed plastic operation.

Priscilla Presley with Elvis and daughter Lisa Marie
Priscilla Presley with Elvis and daughter Lisa Marie

When she was with Elvis, she was always afraid to speak her mind, and played the role of the loving and supportive wife. He chose her hair color just the way he liked it, told her to wear makeup in a certain way and told her how to behave. She always had to wear mascara on her eyes and giant fake lashes. As a consequence of this, she did not know who she was any more, feeling less like herself and more like the character Elvis created.

She even could not eat her favorite food, tuna fish, because he did could not take the smell. Priscilla was forbidden to frown, as this could cause skin to wrinkle. All of this points out to a very unhappy marriage. However, Priscilla once claimed “I loved him. I still love him.”

Relationship with Her Daughter

This relationship had its ups and downs, but in the end they remained closer than ever. The only daughter of Elvis and Priscilla is now the heir of her father’s estate.

Priscilla Presley with her daughter - Lisa Marie
Priscilla Presley with her daughter – Lisa Marie

Lisa Marie had some turbulent relationships, and was married four times. This brought the attention of many tabloids, but her mother was there for her when she needed it, and in the end it all turned out for the best.


Priscilla Presley does not have any tattoos on her body.

Personal Information

Full name: Priscilla Ann Presley
Net worth: $100 million
Occupation: Actress, Writer, Producer
Nationality: American
Marital status: Former wife of Elvis Presley

Priscilla Presley's home in Beverly Hills
Priscilla Presley’s and Elvis’ former home in Beverly Hills

Priscilla Presley Body Measurements

Height: 5 ft 2 in (1.57 m)
Weight: 123 lbs (55.8 kg)
Bra size: 30B
Dress size: 5
Shoe Size: 9
Hair Color: Brunette
Eye Color: Blue

Priscilla Presley plastic surgery came as a direct cause of her feeling insecure about her own body, after being in an unhealthy marriage with the king of rock himself. To make it all worse, it was not successful, and it left permanent damage to her face. At the end, this strong woman made peace with it, and continued on, finding strength within herself, like she always did.

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