Rebel Wilson Is A Workout Machine! Lost Over 80 Pounds!

Rebel Wilson on stage

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If you are a media crazy person, you already know that Rebel Wilson has lost substantial body weight since the beginning of 2016. This Australian star doesn’t shy away from bringing fans along in her losing weight journey. Her social media pages are filled with pictures that reveal her health and wellness efforts which are clearly bearing fruit. Her new body (which is far from her target weight) has caused a lot of sensation across the globe. Fans have fallen in love with her more after seeing her tremendous results with regards to weight loss. So what are some of Rebel Wilson’s weight loss diet plans?Rebel Wilson Diet Plan

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Go for fitness holiday

Rebel showing her workout moves
Rebel showing her workout moves

Rebel recently went on a fitness holiday in a resort known as “The Ranch”, located in Malibu and surprised everyone by dropping eight pounds in just four days. This got everyone talking. The star attracted more attention than ever before. Well, people already love her acting talent as seen by the high ratings of The Pitch Perfect series but this one blew her over the roof for sure. Celebrities often go for holidays to relax, not to work out. Rebel is one of the few to have decided otherwise. At the ranch, a professional trainer took the star through long hours of mountain hiking daily coupled with a number of other rigorous exercises in the afternoons. Meals were also carefully selected so as to include healthy and nutritious options only. Sources reveal that a high level of discipline has to be followed regarding both meals and exercise.

Drink more green juices

Back in LA, the Hollywood comedienne has not relented even a little. After struggling to change her diet and exercise habits for a long time now, Rebel seems to have made a permanent choice to be health conscious. She admitted to drinking more green squeezes as well as sans gluten to detoxify her body and add important nutrients as well. Although she admits that she does not drink these healthy drinks 100%, the 36-year old is on her way to the top.

Replace the junk pronto

As a continuation of her weight goals, Rebel got home from the ranch experience and sought to clear every last junk food and soft drink from her house. Turns out the actress had been accustomed to gulping down the drinks on a daily basis, which is probably the reason why her efforts of losing weight weren’t bearing any fruit. Like any soul thirsty for a healthy body, Rebel doubled up on healthy meal options like fruits, nuts and high protein snacks. Way to go Rebel!

Eat organic foods only

It always sounds like a simple thing to do until you try to walk the path. Inorganic options are tastier and readily available which makes it easy to live on them. The organic options on the other hand have healthy benefits that outweigh those of the inorganic ones by a great margin. Rebel Wilson got this and decided to stick to organic foods only. She now eats more lean proteins, healthy fats e.g. fish oil and avocado, vegetables and fresh fruit. Rumor has it that she is also in possession of delicious healthy recipes from the Ranch which means that her weight loss efforts are really enhanced! [Did Taylor Swift Have Plastic Surgery? See here!]

Treat your body once in awhile

Rebel Wilson does not eat healthy 100% of the time. You cannot do it too. You would easily fall of the wagon if you did. You do better with a less stringent meal plan. In light of this, this beauty eats clean 80% of the time. The other 20% is dedicated to eating treat foods. This rule is better known as “the 80/20”rule. It always works to help maintain motivation and focus. When you look at Rebel’s stunning body now, you will agree that this trick works.

Rebel Wilson is not about to leave the media scene anytime soon. This means that we have more opportunities to follow her weight loss progress in the future. If her past success is anything to by, we can only expect her to reach her weight loss target soon.

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