Robin McGraw Plastic Surgery: Are The Rumors True?

Robin McGraw – Charming With Just a Pinch of Surgery

Robin McGraw plastic surgery is supposedly only rumors since Robin denies that she ever went under the knife. She said that her appearance is a result of effort and hard work she invested in.

But it is obvious that new Robin is far away from the one before. The rumors are she had everything from Botox injections, lip implants and to the nose job.

Robin McGraw

As soon as before and after pictures came out gossips about all procedures started spreading and they are not intending to stop.

Who Is Robin McGraw?

Robin McGraw was born on December 28, 1953 in Irving, Texas. She is a philanthropist and New York Times bestselling author twice. She published in 2009 a book “What’s Age Got to Do With It?” and it was a bestseller for a long period.

Robin McGraw became famous with appearances on “Dr. Phil” show, and in her fame helped her husband Dr. Phil McGraw. She also participated in several talk shows such as “The Oprah Winfrey Show” and “Larry King Live”. Dr. Phil’s wife is also on board of various charity organizations and even has her own “When Georgia Smiled: The Robin McGraw Revelation Foundation”.

Robin McGraw with her husband Dr. Phil McGraw
Robin McGraw with her husband Dr. Phil McGraw

Even though she denies that she ever had any of procedures it is rumored that Robin McGraw had surgeries listed below.

Lip Augmentation

Maybe Robin doesn’t want to admit she had any correction, but her lip surgery has been in the news a few months already. She did this procedure so her lips will look bigger and likeable. She didn’t want huge and attention grabbing lips, but more subtle and natural. But when are compared before and after photos, it is visible that some correction has been done on her lips.

Robin Mcgraw plastic surgery before and after
Robin Mcgraw then and now

Nose Job

Maybe the most popular surgery among celebrities is for sure nose job, rhinoplasty, to be precise. Every nose has its own shape, and often it is not perfectly shaped or symmetrical, but when it comes to celebrity noses they are very attractive and eye-catching. And this is also the case with Robin McGraw plastic surgery.

Results after comparing her old and new photos show that her new nose is sharper and more symmetrical than before. All these changes are only possible with rhinoplasty, whether she will admit or not.

Robin McGraw Plastic Surgery Photos

Botox Injection

The rumors are that among the celebrities who had a Botox injections are also listed Robin McGraw, famous Dr. Phil’s wife. Botox is usually used to make face wrinkle-free and reduce stress lines on forehead. But, if it’s not performed properly it can give face odd and strange look. Robin never actually admitted she had Botox injection so the only way to discover is by comparing her old and new pictures.


Maybe the most amazing thing about Robin McGraw is how she looks young regarding her age. Her fans were really surprised when Robin appeared with an overly stretched face and tight skin; it was obvious she did facelift. McGraw is persistent with her statement that she never did any plastic surgery or intervention on her body.

Robin Mcgraw's Teeth

Though gravity can’t drag her skin down and she looks better than some people in their twenties. Robin just smiles and says she is all natural and reveals her healthy beauty tips which do not include any medicine or surgeries.

Personal Information

Full name: Robin Jo Jameson McGraw
Net worth: $40 Million
Occupation: Actress and Author
Nationality: American
Marital status: Married to Dr. Phil McGraw
Nationality: American

Robin McGraw Body Measurements

Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Shoe Size: 8
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Hazel

Robin McGraw surgery was in all news over the years, and the fact that Robin won’t admit she had any of the procedures is making public more curious and talkative. She doesn’t mind; she smiles, advise all her fans to use her healthy beauty tips, because with them she supposedly preserved her beauty and youth.

Maybe all that is true, but somehow it is more possible that Dr. Phil’s wife reached for a faster way, as most of the celebrities eventually do. But, who knows, maybe she did find the fountain of youth somewhere else than in plastic surgery.

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