Sally Field Plastic Surgery – Not A Woman’s Ego, But An Actor’s Ego

Sally Field Plastic Surgery – Is It A Sacrifice For Roles Or Something Else?

After a numerous rumors about Sally Field plastic surgery, actress finally responded. She was very cautious and vague about her answers. She actually said, that even though she does not like to look wrinkly, saggy and as anold woman,  it is a reality, and she wouldn’t change a thing.

But as an actress, she cares more about the roles and opportunities that actresses her age cannot easily get. So the question is, would she go under the knife because of the role in a particular movie, or because of the competitive market in movie industry? Even though she admitted the surgery, the actress did not specify the exact procedure.

Sally Field Plastic Surgery

Personal Life

Sally Margaret Fields was born in November 6, 1946,in Pasadena, California. She followed her mother and stepfather’s footsteps and dedicated her life to become an actress. Sally had a pretty stormy love life. After a divorce with Steven Craig, with whom she had two sons, she was romantically involved with actor Burt Raynolds for a few years. In 1984, Field got married again with Alan Greisman, but in 1993 Filed for divorce.

Sally Field Young
Young Sally Field

Field is also an activist. After she was diagnosed with osteoporosis, she started her own campaign. She is also known as an activist for gay rights, after her youngest son came out.  At the 2007 Emmy Awards, she caused controversy with her anti-war speech, and it was not aired entirely because of the inappropriate language.

Many procedures are linked to Sally Filed, such as facelift, Blepharoplasty, neck lift and dermal injections like Botox or Restalyn.

Cheek implants and Necklift

After 2009, Sally Field actually looked a lot younger than before.  Her cheeks were a bit more elevated and plumbed, than a few years ago. It is not impossible that along with cheek implants, there were some face-lifting done, also.

Sally Field Plastic Surgery before after

Her skin looks flawless and smooth, but probably the most attention that could not be hidden, was a change on her neck. The wrinkly and saggy skin on her neck hasactually  disappeared. According to a professional surgeon ‘s opinion, the saggy skin on the neck caused by the process of aging could only be removed by a necklift procedure. This is a type of procedure that removes  any excess skin around the neck area. We can only agree that the actress succeeded to restore the youthful look even in her late sixties.

Various filler injections (Botox, Restalyn and Juvederm) and Facelift

Sally Field then and now

Sally is often linked to this dermal filler, because of her wrinkle free face.  Smooth and even complexion is a result of not just fillers, but also a laser surgery. Laser surgery made her skin silky and glowing. The bags under her eyes, very common for her age, are gone and non existing.  Her eyes look fresh and more open than before. This could only suggest that Sally underwent eyelid surgery. Her face looks tighter today, than it was a few years ago. That makes us think that she performed a face lift as well.

Sally Field Plastic Surgery Pictures

Personal Information

Full name: Sally Margaret Field
Net worth: $55million
Occupation: Actress, Producer, Singer, Director, Screenwriter
Nationality: American
Marital status: Divorced

Sally Field Body Statistics

Height: 5 ft 2 in (1.59 m)
Weight: 132 lbs (59,9 kg)
Measurements: 36B-26-35 in
Bra size: 36B
Dress size: Unknown
Shoe Size: 6
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Dark Brown

Sally Field and Burt Reynolds

Sally Field plastic surgery is considered a success. Looking back on some of her amazing roles and a huge impact that she had on American cinema, it is obvious that Sally Field belongs to the seriously talented generation of actors that would do anything for the role that they are portraying, even if they have to psychically transform themselves. Her fans are more than happy with her new look, and they think she looks as beautiful as ever.

This sixty eight year old actress glows on the red carpet with or without the  help of a surgical knife. That is why Sally Field Plastic surgery is a debatable  topic and we can all agree that this sixty eight year old actress looks not just amazing for her age, but also beautiful as a whole person in general.

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