Samuel L Jackson Net Worth & Biography

The renowned actor, who has starred in several blockbusters such as Captain America, Django Unchained Avengers, etc., has a net worth of $170 million. Samuel L Jackson is said to earn the sum of $20 million for every movie role, no wonder his net worth seems to be on a rapid increase.

How Did Samuel L Jackson Become So Popular?

Samuel L Jackson net worth 2015

The actor who battled with drug addiction in his early years, light to stardom supposedly began in 1994 when he starred in the movie Quentin Taratino, he played the role of a Bible-preaching hit man Jules Winnfield and was nominated for the role he played in the movie. This was said to be his 30th film role having starred in over 100 movies. Shortly after the Quentin Taratino movie was released, he began a renowned actor in Hollywood.

The actor is said to be very choosy with the type of movies he stars in, he puts his all in whatever character he acts as, this is not a surprise because whatever movie he is in comes out to be a blockbuster.

Samuel L Jackson has been described as the world’s highest earning film actor of all times. The movies he produced have made more than $8,500,000,000 all over the world and those he starred in have an average gross of $57,166,459.

Samuel L Jackson Personal Life With His Wife And Family

Samuel L Jackson and his wife LaTanya Richardson
Samuel L Jackson and his wife LaTanya Richardson

In 1980,Samuel L Jackson got married to beautiful LaTanya Richardson.The couple who have been happily married for 40 years are blessed with a beautiful daughter named Zoe. In 2012, the wife complained about him been emotionally disconnected from her.


Samuel L Jackson has been nominated for several awards, some of which he has also won. He won the award for Best Supporting Actor in Django Unchained in 2013, he also won the award for the Best WTF Moment along with Jamie Foxx for Django Unchained movie.


The award winning actor just like his Hollywood counterparts has several properties. He has a house in the San Fernando Valley which he got for $8.35 million. The house comprises of a masters bedroom, a screening hall, a spacious living room. He also has a condo which was purchased at $4.35 million.

Samuel L Jackson's house
Samuel L Jackson’s house

He drives The Maybach 57 S which was personalized to his taste which was bought for 450,000 Euros. The car was specially ordered from Maybach Center of Excellence in Stuttgart. It also has a solar panel which is responsible for controlling the temperature and ventilation. He has several other cars in his garage. The Maybach 57 S car has turn tables in it, a refrigerator and some other lovely features.

Samuel L Jackson's car
Samuel L Jackson’s car


Samuel L Jackson knows how to look great in whatever outfit he wears. He is mostly seen wearing a hat; he has hats of different shades, designs and colors. He is also a lover of Adidas, chucks and sporty foot wears. He is a fashion icon in his own unique way.

Samuel Jackson on vacation
On vacation


Samuel L Jackson and his wife are known to be philanthropists; they started a charity organisation to help support education in 2009. In 1968, he was said to have been an usher at the funeral of Martin Luther King, this led him to become active in the civil rights movement.

He has supported a good number of charity works such as 21st Century Leaders, AmberWatch Foundation, Artists for a New South Africa, Champions for Children, Hilarity for Charity, Listen Campaign, the Los Angeles Police Memorial Foundation, the Luke Neuhedel Foundation and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Samuel L lJackson young
Samuel L lJackson while he was young

Samuel L Jackson is said to be one of the influential Afro-American male in Hollywood, along with Morgan Freeman and Denzel Washington. The trio has made a difference in Hollywood, in their fight for equal rights of all actors in Hollywood no matter the color of their skin and background.

He has thrown his support for several causes, such as AIDS & HIV, Alzheimer’s disease, Missing Children, Fostering, Homeless, Education, Disaster Relief, Blood, Marrow & Organ, Health, Environment and a host of others.

Samuel L Jackson Body Statistics:

Height: 6′ 2″ (1.89 m)
Body Weight: 83 kg
Size of Shoe: 10
Color of Hair: Brown
Color of Eye: Dark brown

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