Sandra Bullock Net Worth: a Massive Figure Earned by the Hollywood Actress

Sandra Bullock is one of the recognized figures in USA not only as an actress but also as a film producer. She is one of highest-paid celebrities among Hollywood actresses, and received Academy Award and also Golden Globe Award from 5 nominations. Sandra Bullock net worth can be estimated by having a glance at her professional life.

Early stage of Sandra’s career

Sandra Bullock is actually a Virginia-born star and producer with the present income of more than $56,000,000 per year. She is the daughter of a well known American voice trainer and a German opera songster. In her school life, Sandra showed her performance in a number of drama club productions.

Sandra Bullock Net Worth 2015

Though the language generally used in her family was English, Bullock is quite fluent in German language too. As a child, she studied various vocal arts, dance and sometimes took minor roles in the performances of her mother. The talents that she developed and also the confidence, which she got during those period later proved very helpful in Hollywood. All these helped to boost the net worth of Sandra Bullock.

She spent a good period of her early life singing in a choral group in Germany. Later, she abandoned her University studies in order to have a good career in acting. In 1986 she shifted to Manhattan with the hope of getting better opportunities for her career. Her early years in the big city were, however, not much easy. Though she went to her auditions almost every day, Sandra could not find a role in the films. Throughout this phase she worked as a bartender and even waitress.

Body stats of Sandra Bullock

Weight of Body Weight: 120 lbs
Height: 5 ft 7 inches
Size of Official Dress: 6
Size of Official Shoe: 9.5
Color of Natural Eye: Dark Brown
Color of Natural Hair: Brown

How much money has Sandra Bullock made from the entertainment world?

Sandra started to get a worldwide recognition since the decade of 90, when she performed in a number of films like Demolition Man, A Time to Kill and some more. 2009 was a quite successful year, as she played a role in The Proposal and The Blind Side. During her entire career that now covers over three decades, Sandra has won several accolades, such as Screen Actors Guild Award.

Sandra Bullock in Gravity
Sandra Bullock in Gravity

Sandra Bullock net worth proves that she is one of the richest female stars in Hollywood. In Speed, Sandra co-starred opposite Reeves. It can be said that her career in entertainment world exploded overnight. She got a lot of high profile roles in extremely successful films like Miss Congeniality (with 212.7 million dollar worldwide) and Two Weeks Notice (with199 million dollars worldwide).

Bullock married Jesse James, founder of West Coast Choppers. In 2010 Sandra together with her spouse proceeded with the decision to accept a baby boy. But, even after their adoption, the information was kept as secret till 2010 Oscars. After a certain period of time, the couple divorced although Bullock carried on the adoption as the sole parent.

Sandra Bullock's Son Louis
Sandra Bullock & her son – Louis

In the year 2014, it was disclosed that Sandra received one astronomical paycheck for her film Gravity. After winning the Best Actress Oscar award, Sandra made a contract, which guaranteed her an amount of $20 million and 15 percent of Gravity’s box office receipts.

Personal property of Sandra and her various contributions

In 2006 Sandra opened a restaurant, named as Bess Bistro in Austin. She is indeed one of the top twenty richest stars of entertainment industry. Moreover, she can also be regarded as a straight-forward individual as she showed of her assets with no hesitation.

Sandra Bullock's New Orleans House
Sandra Bullock’s New Orleans House

She purchased a house in New Orleans for a sum of nearly $2.25 million. This huge building spreads over an area of about 6600 square feet and it has 5 bedrooms and also a swimming pool that looks as a lagoon. All rooms of this building have been provided with Victorian wallpaper as well as massive Gothic mirrors.

Sandra is also engaged in a lot of charity work as well. She is a dedicated follower of American Red Cross; she has donated one million dollar to the association at least on four events. She even signed a petition to accelerate the clean-up project when there was spilling of oil in Gulf of Mexico.

Thus, it can be concluded that Sandra Bullock net worth is really a massive amount. And there are perhaps a very few Hollywood stars, who are able to acquire such huge assets.

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