Serena Williams Net Worth: Beats the Worth of Many Other Players

Serena Jameka Williams is an American professional tennis player having the best rank in women’s tennis tournaments. According to many experts and some former tennis players, she is the most prominent one among all female tennis players in the entire history.

With twenty nine Grand Slam titles and a unique personality, this celebrity is recognized not only in America, but in the whole world. Serena Williams Net Worth is naturally a notable amount.

Early life of Serena Williams

Serena Williams, though born on 26th September, 1981 in Michigan, later grew up in California. From the very early life, she and her sister Venus Williams showed a keen interest on tennis.

Serena Williams young photo
Venus and Serena Williams

Both of them were home schooled in order to exploit the maximum time in practicing tennis. When Williams was only nine her family shifted to West Palm Beach from Compton for attending Rick Macci’s tennis academy.

Body statistics of Serena Williams

Height– 5 ft 8 in
Weight– 58 kg or 127 pounds
Size of waist: 28 in
Size of Hip: 40 inches
Neck size: 9
Size of Shoe: 10
Color of hair and eye: Brown

How much is Serena Williams’s worth

The first professional episode in the life of Serena Williams was in the month of September in 1995, when she had attained just the age of fourteen. However, it was not until the year 2002 that this celebrity started drawing the big cash. She received $12 million for every tournament, and she can easily pull $20 to about $40 from anywhere. Thus, one can easily guess Serena Williams Net Worth in recent times.

Serena Williams net worth

She is the fifth woman to hold all 4 Grand Slams titles at the same time. In women’s doubles, Serena has also won three Olympic Gold medals. The double matches are played with her sister Venus Williams and this pair has achieved success in dozen Grand Slams. Besides, another surprising fact is that Serena is the foremost player to succeed five Australian Open singles titles.

Serena Williams has won the first rank 5 times and has gained more prize cash than most other female tennis players in the world. In 2013, Serena got over $66 million as the prize money, and this made her the highest earning figure among all the female tennis players. She has won eighteen singles Grand Slam titles as well as thirteen doubles titles. She is the only figure among female tennis participants to have collected more than 35 million dollar in prize money.

Net worth of Serena Williams in various fields other than tennis

Williams is really one of the most popular athletes in this world. She receives $15 to $ 20 million every year out of tennis sanctioning companies such as Nike and Kraft Foods. In 2004, Williams signed a deal of $40 million to create a fashion line through Nike.

Serena Williams 2015

She has also released her personal line of fashionable attire and a signature set of handbags and ornaments. This collection is traded mostly on HSN. Serena has even appeared on television and offered her voice on a lot of animated shows. Again, in 2009, she turned out to be the foremost female professional sportsperson to appear for a particular feminine hygiene related product. Moreover, she is a stake holder in Miami Dolphins of NFL.

House of Venus and Serena Williams
House of Venus and Serena Williams

Serena Williams like to remodel her house that she shares with sister, Venus. While she refurbished the lavatory, she invested $180,000. The most notable point is that the house was in fact purchased by the Williams sisters in the year 1998 for an amount of about $525,000. This splendid building has thirty feet ceilings. In the early part of the year 2010, Serena became a qualified nail technician regarding her nail collection with one corporation- HairTech. Recently, in 2015, she has become the foremost black female sportsperson to have an image by herself on the Vogue’ cover page.

Serena Williams' car
Bentley Continental Supersports

She is a great fan of the first class luxury cars in the world. She possesses a wonderful red colored Bentley Continental Supersport that has a worth of about $ 300000.

Charity work

The renowned tennis player, Serena is even involved in several charities. She offered funds in the constructional work of Serena Williams Secondary School in Kenya. She got Celebrity Role Model Award in 2003 for her efforts in breast cancer. She has also been engaged in some clinics at schools as well as community centers. Thus, these charitable works are possible for excellent Serena Williams Net Worth.

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