Sharon Osbourne Plastic Surgery: Has She Had Enough Procedures?

Sharon Osbourne is a multi-talented Hollywood personality married to the famous Ozzy Osborne. She is no stranger to gracing various magazine stories and sometimes on top of controversial stories and claims of Sharon Osbourne plastic surgery can therefore not be said to be far-fetched!

Sharon is a successful talk show host popular for her show, The Sharon Osbourne Show. She has been a judge on a talent competition show and a successful promoter and businesswoman. She is ranked among the top wealthiest women in Britain at number 25, with her marital wealth earning the 74th place in richest people of Britain. With great money comes great responsibilities, which led Sharon to have so many surgeries than were necessary.

Just like every 60 year old woman, Sharon was determined to hold on to her youth as long as money could buy. At this age, she has no wrinkles, baby soft skin and a killer fashion sense. She doesn’t look like your average 60 year old grandma and would probably steal your boyfriend, lol!

Sharon Osbourne plastic surgery before and after
Sharon Osbourne plastic surgery before and after

How did Sharon Osbourne manage to stay ageless?

Unlike other Hollywood celebrities, Sharon does not hide the fact that she has had some work done. Being in the limelight comes with a lot of pressure from fans to always look perfect and youthful. So to fight of agents of time celebs usually opt for plastic surgery to ensure they remain remarkable.

Here are some of the surgeries that Sharon admitted to have had:

Sharon Osbourne Facelift

As one ages, it is natural for once skin to give in to gravity and sag a little bit. Sharon managed to wade this off by having a facelift procedure that restored her face to former glory. However, her plastic surgeon did not do a good job as even though her face is taught, she look somewhat plastic and ‘un natural’.

Breast Augmentation

Sharon Osbourne Breast Augmentation pic
Sharon Osbourne breast augmentation pic

Having your boobs done has become too common in the US, which has now become as casual as going to the dentist. The quest for perfection has drove more women to resort to enhance their breast to match those that they see on the magazines.

Sharon admitted to having her breasts augmented saying she wanted them to be aligned with the rest of her body.

Botox and fillers

It comes as no surprise that Sharon had some Botox injections. Botox is the only explanation for her wrinkle free and no frown lines skin.

She also had some fillers added especially in her face and neck area to get rid of sag lines and wrinkles. At 60, she looks good with a firm and soft skin that only cosmetic procedures could produce.

Tummy tuck

Tummy tuck is another popular procedure that most celebs always opt to do. Rather than working out the excess weight, how we love shortcuts! Sharon however had a tummy tuck after she had her gastric band fitted, plus she was done giving birth so there were no disruptions to come.

Sharon Osbourne then and now
Sharon Osbourne then and now

Body Lift

Among her plastic surgery list, Sharon also had various procedures to lift her arms and legs so as not to look like your average grandma in a body suit. The procedure was a success as she has been seen looking graciously stylish in sleeveless and miniskirts.

Sharon recently came clean on her plastic surgery confessions saying that she has had enough and was not going to put her body under the same traumatizing events. There is only so much that the human body can take.

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