Smokey Robinson Plastic Surgery – Getting Old Can Be Hard

Smokey Robinson – Getting Old and Youthful Look Don’t Go Together

Smokey Robinson plastic surgery became obvious when he in his 70s started looking about 30 years younger, so people started talking.

Smokey Robinson

It is normal, as we get older, get wrinkles, crow’s feet in corner of eyes or a hanging neck skin, but in the case of Smokey he doesn’t have any of that. There is no other explanation than plastic surgery. And again, it is also common to have procedures and get rid of wrinkles or sagging skin, but the point is to find the boundaries and know when to stop. It doesn’t seem that Smokey knows when it is enough.

Who Is Smokey Robinson?

William “Smokey” Robinson, Jr. was born in February 19, 1940 in Detroit, Michigan. Later, in 1950s Mr. Robinson formed group called Matadors, later renamed The Miracle with which he became worldwide famous. He wrote over the 4,000 songs from which “Love Machine” and “Tears of a Clown”. He was also vice president of Motown records and also producing and writing songs for groups like Mary Wells and The Temptations.

In recent years, he is busy with public speaking and live performing. He made a food company “Smokey Robinson Foods” with ready-to-eat meals.

Smokey Robinson Foods

With just a look at his face, eyebrows, eyes and neck skin, it gets obvious that he did something connected to plastic surgery. So it is rumored that Smokey Robinson had surgeries below.


Looking at before and after photos it is clear that Smokey Robinson did something connected to plastic surgery. His face looks smoother and tighter than when he was in his twenties. Normally, people in their late 70s have wrinkles and maybe sagging neck, but this songwriter doesn’t have any of that. Wrinkles and even crow’s feet in the corner of the eyes are in Mr. Robinson’s case oddly absent. So, this kind of youthful and smooth face can only be a result of a facelift.

Smokey Robinson Plastic Surgery
Smokey Robinson then and now

Eyebrow Lift

When someone desperately tries to reverse time and stop aging, it usually doesn’t go as they wished. And facelift is nothing without some surgery which will improve appearance. Smoky Robinson chose to go with the brow lift procedure. The sign that this songwriter is getting old are not wrinkles, but the absence of them. With a brow lift procedure he pulled his face expression up, leaving him with a face look like he’s always socked or amazed. It is a little bit scary, we have to agree.

Eyelid Surgery

This surgery has been successful in the Smokey’s case. In the past, he had bags beneath the eyes and more tired looking eyes and look, but with this surgery his face expression changed and from tired men he became fresh and youthful.

Smokey Robinson plastic surgery before and after
Clear sign of plastic surgery!

Smokey’s eyes are wider and that small change makes him look sharp. But in a combination with brow lift, which moved his brows too far from eyes, he looks little scary. Sometimes it is good to know when to stop.

Forehead and Neck Lift

Besides all corrections Smokey didn’t get what he wanted from plastic surgery, so he continues to pursue it. The last procedure included lifting his sagging neck skin and forehead lift. Now the wrinkled skin is obviously missing from Smokey’s face, and it is showing that Smokey doesn’t want to get old with dignity. He doesn’t want to get old at all.

Personal Information

Full name: William Robinson, Jr.
Occupation: Singer, Producer and Songwriter
Nationality: American
Marital status: Married to Claudette Rogers Robinson
Nationality: American

Smokey Robinson Body Statistics

Height: 5 ft 10.5 in (1.79 m)
Weight: unknown
Shoe Size: unknown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Green

Nobody likes to get old and age, but that doesn’t mean that everybody should have procedures like Smokey Robinson plastic surgery. It seems to Mr. Robinson’s surgeries have been overdone and he doesn’t mind at all.

His face looks a little strange since his brows are too far from the eyes and even though he is in his 70s there is no wrinkle on his face. But, in the end that is his choice and his face, we should be grateful for his voice which stayed the same trough all of his life.

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