SNSD (Girls Generation) Plastic Surgery – Are These Girl All Natural?

SNSD – Rumors of Plastic Surgery Spreading Like Wild Fire

SNSD is one of the most popular female groups at the moment, and as it comes with that, there are many rumors constantly surrounding them. Are all of the girls from SNSD plastic surgery enthusiasts?

Who Are SNSD?

SNSD is a girl group, established 2007. In South Korea. It originally had nine members, but now has only eight, as Jessica Jung left the group in 2014.

The group was popular from the beginning, but had a breakthrough with a song called “Gee” in 2009, one of the most popular songs in Korea from the past decade.

SNSD Group Picture
SNSD Group Picture

After conquering the South Korean market, the girls went on to have a massive success in Japan, where the audience loved them. The style of their music is described as teen and bubblegum pop, while also mixing sounds of electro dance and modern R&B music. They constantly gained more and more fans, and their popularity just keeps on growing. SNSD sold over 20 million digital albums and singles thus far in their young career.

There are many rumors of plastic operations regarding members of SNSD, and here are some of them.


Every member of this group had rumors swirling, but Jessica seems to be the closest thing to a definitely confirmed. It is quite easily spotted that she had a rhinoplasty, or a nose job. Her nose was a lot bigger when you look at some older pictures, but now looks trim and neat. Also, it is rumored she had some work done on her chin, removing some tissue, and fixing the texture of her skin with Botox injections.

SNSD Jessica plastic surgery photos
Jessica plastic surgery photos

Despite of these evidences, she claims she never had any procedures done. Why would she do this? We can assume it is because of the pressure from the public, trying to keep that good girl image. However, when something is so obvious, it seems like there is no point to deny the rumors.


Like Jessica, she also denies any rumors of plastic surgery. We can only wonder why, because there are many evidences that she had a rhinoplasty. The singer now has a perfect nose, and that was not the case earlier. Those types of stuff do not only happen overnight, and even her biggest fans have to admit that the surgery was evident.

SNSD Plastic-Surgery Photos
Taeyeon plastic surgery photos

Along with the nose job, Taeyeon had a reported eyelid surgery as well. It is a question why do all of these girls want to look like each other? The whole point is to be unique, and not look a bunch of plastic dolls, isn’t it?


Looking at some of the older pictures, and some newer ones, Tiffany seems to have a very different complexion. The texture of her skin looks completely different than before, when she had a much darker skin tone. How did she manage to look so pale now? We assume it happened over some complex therapies, which injected the cream in her skin, making it look very weird.

Tiffany plastic surgery photos
Tiffany plastic surgery photos

Like some other members of the group, Tiffany also had a reported eyelid surgery, as well as lip fillers to her lower lip.


Fans are divided when it comes to this singer. While some claim that she is completely natural, others think that she had many operations. Among them, most notably are eyelid surgery, Botox injections, and fillers. Those who claim she had procedures done say that fillers made her face look very round and unnatural.

SNSD Seohyun plastic surgery before and after
Seohyun plastic surgery before and after

Another rumor is she had a nose job. While she already had a nice looking nose, nowadays it just looks a bit smaller and narrower.


This singer apparently had a forehead implant surgery. There are some pictures in which a swelling can be easily spotted, but later it went away. This is a piece of evidence that clearly point to this type of procedure.

SNSD Yoona plastic surgery before and after
Yoona plastic surgery before and after

When we talk about SNSD plastic surgery, there are many rumors around. Not all of them are confirmed, but seem awfully plausible. The question is, why all of those had to happen? It was someone’s intention to make all of these girls look the same. Someone once said, that the beauty can be found in diversity. You certainly would not think so if you look at SNSD.

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