Sofia Vergara Plastic Surgery: Must It Be Plastic?

Sofia Vergara plastic surgery rumours are understandable because she is an extremely beautiful woman who is popular – the kind of beauty that will have you screaming plastic surgery from a mile away even though it may not be the case.

After screaming that loud, mark you from a mile away, if you then hear her age you will definitely turn up the scream because let’s be honest she could be your mothers age mate at 42.

Sofia Vergara after surgery 2015

You and I maybe accusing her of having some work done on that body to achieve that shape but did she actually go for plastic surgery?

Some quarters of the media has claimed that her good looks and killer curves are all natural. However, others do not agree with such that, arguing that her beauty must have had the help of a plastic surgeon for it to stand out so much like it is today.

Sofia is a Colombian-American actress and model. When she was younger, but still hot, used to co-host two television shows for a Spanish language channel but I’m guessing you didn’t know her from there but from the hit comedy series, Modern Family.

Until recently, I used to think that she was 25 and you can’t blame me if you have seen her features, she looks like a socialite but with morals. A lot has been said about her looks but ultimately we can’t know the truth until she says it but not through Modern Family because we would just laugh it off.

Sofia Vergara 2015 photo

Rumors of Sofia Vergara plastic surgery has been in the air for some time now and in case you haven’t heard them let me take my spoon and feed you.

Boob job

Of all rumors, maybe this is the one with the strongest of foundations. Every woman in Hollywood wants boobs like hers no wonder word has it that she had some boob job to make her ‘girls’ fuller and from what I have seen (through TV) I wouldn’t dismiss this rumor yet, not until I hear it from Sofia herself and even if I do I might just believe the rumor forever.

Sophia Vergara plastic surgery before and after
Sophia Vergara breast implants before and after

However, Vergara breast argumentation misses some definite answer. Unlike most of the celebs who have come out to confirm their boob jobs, Vergara’s statements seem contradictory. Nevertheless, given that she is approaching her middle years, there’s absolute possibility that she want to revisit her past, as most female celebrities tend to do.

Tummy tuck

Tummy affects all gender but women feel more insecure and desperately want to get rid of it. When a teenager sees a 42-year-old Sofia with the body that was destined for her, she finds it hard to believe that it’s just her hard work in the gym and eating right, right?

Sofia Vergara tummy tuck photo

Forget the teenager, even you! Little wonder why this rumor is out there. In a closer examination of her stomach, there appear some telltale marks of liposuction, an indication that she might have had cosmetic surgery in the past. However, no official statement has been made concerning the same.

What she says

When the plastic surgery question was posed to her in an interview our beloved Sofia said that she wants to age gracefully (which Hollywood personality uses grace in this context? Zero) but she was not ruling out plastic surgery just yet. She understands that when you get old your skin can get overwhelmed no wonder she particularly mentioned the eyelid surgery. To me that sound like a denial, to say that until now she is all-natural.

Sofia Vergara then and now
Sofia Vergara then and now

Based on her personal statement in plastic surgery, we believe that if she were to go for it then it would have to conform with personal beliefs – to enhance her beauty rather than stay young!


To be honest the rumor about Sofia Vergara plastic surgery is not hard to buy but am keeping my cents in my pocket because with the current technology even a good make-up artist on a bad day in the office can make you look great (save for the tummy and work out is for that).

And the boobs you ask? Simple, they can be held up with something like the push-up bra or maybe she just has such a perfect body. Plus, her saying she could one day go for cosmetic surgery is an indication that if she has any work done on her she would probably admit it. Anyway, a Hollywood star is a Hollywood star so keep your ears out!!

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