Sophia Loren Net Worth and Family (Husband & Son)

If there is one name (or rather face) that comes to mind when you think beauty, appeal and charisma, Sophia Loren tops the list. Sophia Loren’s net worth is estimated to be $75 million dollars. This lovely world-renowned Italian sex symbol of yesteryears has amassed a huge net worth in her eighty-one years of life.

It’s not just the big bucks she got for her movies, it’s also the magazine covers, lucrative modelling contracts and appearances that have made her such huge net worth. That’s right. The last time Loren posed scantily clad was in 2007 for Pirelli Calendar with girls half her age! Her aura has definitely not diminished with age and time and she still holds the same allure she did when she was younger.

Sophia Loren net worth

She can still be seen making appearances in barely-there attire. Sophia Loren net worth surely seems to have gone up because of her refusal to act her age at all times.

Where Sophia got all that ka-ching

Her lush and beautiful villa in Rome is worth 10 million dollars and comes with a swimming pool and home office.

Sophia Loren's Roman Villa
Sophia Loren’s Roman Villa (source)

She owns a home in Naples also. Let’s not forget she was married to the Italian magnate Carlo Ponti and it can’t be denied he filled her pockets too!

The men in her life

Like all women who win a beauty gene jackpot, Sophia had men chasing her from all corners. She married Carlo Ponti in 1966, who also launched her career. The hot word on that is that Ponti was still married to his earlier wife when he got together with Loren.

Sophia Loren with husband Carlo Ponti
Sophia Loren with husband Carlo Ponti

Ponti and Sophia stayed married until his death. She has two sons from that marriage. She is infamous for her hot affair with Cary Grant too. Well, who are we to judge, I say! It’s just the way the world of beautiful men and women goes.

Sophia Loren and Cary Grant
Sophia Loren and Cary Grant (source)

Loren has been haunted all her life with the sideways glance picture with friend Jayne Mansfield which she clarified recently. For those who are not aware, Mansfield had a very revealing dress stitched on to her and Loren gave her that look which a sharp eyed photographer caught. She said she was afraid her boobs would fall out on her plate!

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