Spencer Matthews Net Worth and Family

Spencer Matthews a young boy from the parts of England or to be specific Lincolnshire is indubitably a self made millionaire. He has climbed the ladder of success because of his hard work and the dedication that has come along with it.

It is true, however, that he was born to a wealthy family. His father owns huge acres of properties amongst which Eden Rock, the famous hotel in the Caribbean island is worth mentioning and his mother is a very renowned artist.

As at it’s almost the end of the year; we thought of accounting’s Spencer Matthews Net worth and we came across a figure which is just astounding. At a very tender age of 26, Spencer Matthew’s net worth stands at $4.5 million. Let’s dig in deep in his life and see from where was he able to coup that much amount in his account.

Spencer Matthews net worth


He belongs to a rich family and will eventually get a good amount of money whenever his parents expire. His father has made quite a lot of money in real estate and is one of the top owners of posh lands. So, sooner or later he is going to get some more millions in his bank account.

Coming to his long list of Girlfriends, he has not been able to stick to any one and has fluctuated between them mainly because of the reason he ends up cheating on every single one of them.

Spencer Matthews and Louise Thompson
Spencer Matthews and Louise Thompson via ruthrose.co.uk

Self Made Success

Having attended the country’s top school in Etton College, Matthews had to find a good way of living. After graduating from the college, he worked as a PR for some of the London’s top nightclubs and later on quit that job for foreign currency trader where (if the reports are to be believed) he is earning a handsome amount of more than 100k pounds per year.

Even after getting a lot of fame through the series “Man in Chelsea” in which he is the highest paid cast at 44 pounds per episode, he did not quite the job until now. It was because he wanted to focus on acting solely and wanted to win the bread through that mean only.

Things to Know About Spencer

Spencer Matthews and Lauren Hutton
Spencer Matthews and Lauren Hutton

He is one of those celebrities who has been quite open with his past and has been indulged in many wrong doings such as taking drugs. He himself admitted of using it when he was 16 and it is believed that he often indulge in it while on the set of MIC with one of his co-stars.

Furthermore, he is a playboy as well; so if you are approached by him just enjoy the time while it last because he may throw you away when things are done!

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