Spike Lee Net Worth – The Rich Filmmaker

A man who has admiringly revolutionized the influence of black geniuses in the US entertainment industry is certainly worthy of Spike Lee net worth which is now an estimated $40 million.

Among the several artists from the black ethnicity, Shelton Jackson ‘Spike’ Lee with his multi-talented appearance as a film producer, director, actor and writer, has secured his position in the forefront of America’s filmmaking industry.

Spike Lee net worth 2015

Early life and family:

Shelton Jackson was born on 20th March, 1957 in Atlanta, GA, and raised in Brooklyn’s Fort Greene section. His father was a jazz musician named Bill Lee, and his mother gave him his nickname Spike. Since childhood, he used to have strong passion for sports, which made him a great fan of a basketball team named the New York Knicks. So, it is obvious that he dreamt about becoming a player to participate in major league baseball tournaments.

As he started living in New York, he got admitted into Morehouse College and obtained a B.A. in Mass Communication. Then, he attended Tisch School of the Arts in New York University from where he earned an M.A. in Fine Arts with major concentration in film and television. Lee married Tonya Lewis with who he is currently dwelling in New York. He has a daughter named Satchel.

Career – The major contributor to Spike Lee net worth:

During his academic years at Morehouse College, he produced his first film titled “Last Hustle in Brooklyn” in 1977. The movie portrayed the Black and Puerto Rican folks in the area. It was shot with a modern Super-8 camera during the disco craze’s height. In 1983, he setup a production company named “40 Acres & A Mule” that has already produced more than 35 films.

Spike Lee winning prizes

Lee emerged as a great entrepreneur who successfully tore away the ages of marginalized portrayals and stereotypes as his mission might be to usher a new era and create a space for African-American unheard voices. His movies encompass a collection of provocative and outspoken socio-political critiques influenced by a solid commitment to challenge cultural assumptions about race, gender and class identity. It is believed by many that Lee has helped further the acting careers of some prominent black actors and actresses namely Denzel Washington, Samuel L. Jackson, Wesley Snipes, Laurence Fishburne and Angela Bassett.

How much money does Spike Lee make a year?

Apart from the revenues he made from making movies, Spike’s annual earnings got accelerated by his role as the director of Malcolm X in 1992.

Spike Lee's Malcolm X

This role helped him earn $3 million. Afterwards, his salary seemed to stay with a substantial growth as he earned much more for some movies including Inside Man, 25th Hour, Summer of Sam and Love & Basketball. His annual earnings can be approximately $4,705,882 plus $1,045,752 from his filmmaking role and sponsorship or endorsements.

How much is Spike Lee worth– A likely question after several setbacks?

Like many talents in the film industry, Lee’s fate followed him with some frustrating experiences, but none of them seemed strong enough to thwart the producer’s craftsmanship. In 1986, he produced a sexy and stylish comedy named “She’s Gotta Have It” for which he earned 125,000. The comedy also won Prix de Jeunesse award at Cannes Film Festival.

However, it earned even a bigger amount which is approximately 9 million dollars at the US box office. Soon, Hollywood started calling its almost forgotten talent as he came to release School Daze in 1988. It was actually the director’s studio debut. His third film named “Do the Right Thing” which he made in 1989. The movie has special significance to Spike Lee as it established his position permanently as a truly gifted filmmaker.

Spike Lee’s portfolio of assets:

Although Spike’s list of assets does not include so many houses and private properties, he owns an extremely costly house which is his main residence having an area of 9000 sq. ft., located in the most expensive section of Manhattan. The house actually comprises a couple of separately built three-story buildings with a surrounding private courtyard.

Spike Lee's house
Spike Lee’s house

Although Spike spent $4.75 million in 1998 to own the house, its present net value is approximately $40 million, an amount that is equal to Spike Lee net worth and projected to have a worth of $90 million in the next decade. Spike’s first house was a mansion comprising four bedrooms. The house is now worth $4 million.

Automobiles did not seem much essential to Spike as he owns only one car, Jaguar X-Type sedan. Today, Spike either runs or contributes to six charity and humanitarian foundations.

A bit about his production company:

Spike purchased a three-storey building which is now his famous ‘Forty Acres and a Mule”. It cost him 820,000 dollars in 1991. But now, some comparable establishments on that block are selling for at least $2 million.

Spike Lee’s body measurements:

Height: 165 cm
Weight: 68 kilo
Star Sign: Pisces
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Dark Brown

All these efforts credibly substantiate Spike Lee net worth and his individual standing as one of most powerful figure in the contemporary film community.

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