Stana Katic Nose Job: Setting The Record Straight

Stana Katic is famously known as Detective Kate Beckett for her role in the thrilling murder detective series Castle. Stana Katic nose job has been featuring on so many tabloid articles and not for the right reasons.

Stana is a perfect example of se#iness with brains, something even co-star Nathan Fillion found irresistible. The two dated for more than a year, guess the strong on screen chemistry between detective Beckett and write Castle is undeniable even in real life.

Having been born to Canadian-American parents, she spent a lot of time moving back and forth between the two countries.

Stana Katic nose job before and after
Stana Katic nose job before and after

Stana is not new to the screens and was on hit series such as Heroes, 24, Feast of love, Quantum of Solace among many other. It was her appearance on the series Castle alongside ex-boyfriend Nathan Fillion that made us fall in love with her quick and witty criminal interrogation not to mention her go getter attitude.

Celeb plastic surgery has been too common in Hollywood with nose jobs on top of the list on procedures that many celebs are opting for. Rhinoplasty (nose job) was originally intended for nose reconstructions on people with broken noses and not for cosmetic reasons that many mostly use it for.

Rumors of Stana Katic plastic surgery has been flying all over with suspicions that she went under the knife for a variety of procedures, including breast augmentation, Botox and rhinoplasty. She was even featured on the notorious internet list of ‘Top 25 celebrity plastic surgery’.

The suspicions

Recently, on the current episodes of the series, you can see there is a drastic shift in her nose appearance. Looking at some of her before pics or even earlier shots from the series, its undeniable she did something. Stana’s nose now looks more narrowed with a smaller down pointing tip from her previous round bulb nose, no offense!

Stana Katic plastic surgery before and after

Even though many cannot agree that her nose was more bulgy and somewhat piggy, I don’t blame her for finally getting that fixed. Some speculate that she may have undergone plastic surgery to make herself look more perfect so as to stand out as an actress.

Her response

Stana Katic 2015There has not been any official communication from Stana Katic regarding her nose job rumors. She has neither dispelled nor confirmed them either. Sources close to her however maintains her ‘born this way’ stance which is pretty ironic, this is like a woman denying she is pregnant while we can all see the clearly big stomach!


It is clear beyond reasonable doubt that Stana had a nose job, even plastic surgeon specialists say that there is no way her nose could look that good without a doctors intervention. Stana should just admit it and give credit where it due for a clearly job well done. However, Stana is rumored to have gone under the knife for the nose job multiple times one in 2012 and the other later in 2013.

Many caution her not to overdo it and risk being another example of plastic surgery gone badly as this could also result in her looking like a very different person than her old sweet self, which could negatively affect her career. We have all seen the likes of Lil Kim, Melanie Griffith among other who managed to completely alter their appearance and race for the case of Lil Kim, who now almost looks Asian, wow!

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