Steven Tyler Plastic Surgery: Rock Star with Just a Pinch of Plastic

Steven Tyler – Did Surgery Ruin His Appearance?

Steven Tyler plastic surgery is noticeable even without comparing his before and after photos, but on the other hand, this rock star does not deny that he made changes on his face.

He took these corrections just a bit too far, and now he has plastic and weird looking face. It is normal for a man who is almost 70 years old to have wrinkles and crow’s feet in the corner of his eyes, but Steven’s face is like in his twenties, firm and without a wrinkle.

Steven Tyler after plastic surgery

Who is Steven Tyler?

Steven Tyler was born on March 26, 1948 in Manhattan, New York. He played drums just before he became the lead singer of worldwide popular band Aerosmith. With hits like “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” and “Love is an Elevator” this band became popular around the globe. He has with Aerosmith more than thirty years of career. Steven was also a judge of the popular music competition “American Idol”.

Tyler has four children and it is rumored that he had all surgeries listed below –

Botox Injections

It is pretty obvious that Steven Tyler had Botox injections when his before and after photos are compared.

Steven Tyler plastic surgery before and after
Steven Tyler plastic surgery before and after

Even without the photos it is quite clear that his face is tight and little bit plastic. Since Steven is in his late 60s, this look does not seem natural at all. Whit a not a single wrinkle on his face Tyler is showing that he became a slave to a cosmetic surgery.


The only reason why Steven’s skin looks smooth and wrinkle free can be a cosmetic procedure. He had, with no doubt, a facelift. Fans of the Aerosmith are divided, one claim he looks so much better now, and the other half thinks his new look is ridiculous and that he ruined his face with these changes.

Steven Tyler then and now
Steven Tyler then and now

As for Steven goes, he admits he had surgery and that there is nothing strange with a celebrity who had some kind of plastic surgery. He also said that people want to be in the media as much and as long as possible, so that is the reason for a cosmetic correction.

Nose Job

The nose job is one more surgery that Steven Tyler had. When his old and new photos are compared, it is a visible difference, not just in the smoothness of his face, but in shape of his nose too. He did admit that he had a certain amount of operations, but even without that the change is very noticeable.

Steven Tyler nose job

His nose looks thinner than it was and his face is really without wrinkles like he had only twenty years. The nose job is one of the common plastic corrections these days, so fans of Aerosmith did not act surprised when they found out that their favorite singer had this procedure.


Some may think that the lead singer of Aerosmith should have lots of tattoos since he is in that kind of world. Steven Tyler proved that rock stars do not have to get a bunch of tattoos to keep their rock image.

Steven Tyler tattoos

He had a tattoo of drop eye on his right arm, but he eventually removed it. The only tattoo that he left is flames on his right upper arm. In some way that tattoo became worldwide famous and his trademark.

Personal Information

Full name: Steven Victor Tallarico
Net worth: $130 million
Occupation: Musician, Singer and Songwriter
Nationality: American
Marital status: Divorced

Steven Tyler's bike

Steven Tyler Body Statistics

Height: 5 ft 7 (170 cm)
Weight: 185 lbs (84 kg)
Shoe Size: 10
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Dark Brown

Steven Tyler plastic surgery can show how skin of an almost 70 year’s old man can have a smoothness of baby’s skin. Since his fans cannot decide if he looks obnoxious or good, the news is full of his before and after photos. Getting old is a part of life and no one should be ashamed of it, but for some celebrities it is hard to accept that and among them is Steven Tyler.

Maybe in future he will change his opinion, but for now Tyler is follower of plastic surgery industry and he does not have a problem with it.

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