Susan Lucci Plastic Surgery – As Beautiful As Ever, But Is It All Natural?

Even though rumors of Susan Lucci plastic surgery were denied by the actress, it is quite obvious that she had several procedures done. It is actually quite common for a lady her age to want to look as young as possible.

On the list of her potential plastic procedures are breast augmentation, face lift, liposuction, chemical peel, cheek implants, Botox and Blepharoplasty. It is a pretty long list, for such a little lady.

We cannot possibly confirm the rumors of all of those procedures, but it is obvious that she had something done, especially in her face area.

Personal Life and Acting Career

Susan Lucci Plastic Surgery

Susan Victoria Lucci is a Soap Opera actress best known for her roles in Tv series “All my Children” and “Dallas”, as well as various movies. Her memorable and well known lead role as Erica Kane in “All my Children” is considered iconic, and since then, Susan Lucci has been one of the highest-paid actresses in daytime television.

Today, even though she is approaching seventies, she is still very active in her acting career, especially in Tv series like Devious Maids and Hot in Cleveland. She was born in Scarsdale, New York on December 23, 1948. Off screen, Susan is married to Helmut Huber and they have two children together. Her daughter Liza, also a soap opera actress, followed her mother’s footsteps.

Procedures in question include:

Face Lift and Cheek Implants

Susan Lucci then and now

If we compare Susan from the eighties, and Susan as we know today, it’s noticeable how drastic her appearance changed. Without any trace of wrinkles or frown lines, her skin looks smooth and untouched. This can be the work of an amazing surgeon.

Susan Lucci Young 1980
Susan Lucci in 1980

She denied the rumor that she had done any of those surgeries, and said that the youthful look she has, owes to skin care products “Youthful Essence”. She is also one of the people who actually launched this particular beauty care line, so we can’t help but wonder, is it just one of the advertisement tricks?

Apart from facelift, her cheeks look so much fuller today, and it would be quite uncommon to claim that this is the result of dieting and exercising.

Breast Augmentation

Like so many other actresses who wanted to have their bust improved, Susan’s breasts also appear to be slightly changed as opposed to earlier years. Because of her petite frame, she probably wanted to have breast suitable for her size.

Susan Lucci boob job before after
Breast Implants

But she did not go overboard with augmentation, so it is pretty unnoticeable, but the perfect shape of it can easily reveal the truth behind it.

Other Procedures

There are some other things that we are suspicious with, when it comes to procedures that Susan Lucci allegedly had. Among them are Brow lift and Eyelid surgery.

susan lucci plastic surgery picture

Thanks to this type of plastic surgery, the bags under her eyes are gone, and her skin is smoother than ever. This should not happen to any woman as they get older, and there are a lot of people who believe these changes didn’t occur in a natural way.


Susan Lucci Plastic Surgery before and after

This type of procedure was also the hot topic in the tabloids. No one could believe how the actress kept her natural thin figure. Of course, everyone thought that the liposuction was in the middle of it. But still, this question is left without any answer, as it is highly unlikely that the actress is just extremely thin, without any surgery involved.

Personal Information

Full name: Susan Victoria Lucci
Net worth: $ 45 million
Occupation: Actress, television host, author, entrepreneur and singer
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Nationality: American
Marital status: Married to Helmut Huber

Susan Lucci with husband Helmut Huber
Susan Lucci with husband Helmut Huber

Susan Lucci Body Statistics

Height:5′ 2″ (1.57 m)
Weight: 105 lbs (48 kg)
Measurement: 35-25-35 inches (89-64-89 cm)
Shoe Size: 7
Bra size: 32 C
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Dark brown

Whether Susan Lucci plastic surgery happened or not,is a question that only the actress herself can answer. But even though the uncertainty of her procedures remains unanswered, it is almost unbelievable that the woman of her age can look so youthful and so polished without any help of a surgical knife.

But even if she did, we salute her for looking so beautiful and being so unstoppable in what she does the best-acting. A winner of a Daytime Emy Award actress, Susan Lucci is still as gorgeous as she was at the beginning of her career.

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