Tamar Braxton Plastic Surgery – All There is to Know

Is there more to Tamar Braxton plastic surgery procedures than meets the eye? The popular musician and actress had admitted to undergoing a nose job procedure, however she consistently denies any other form of cosmetic surgery.

Are we to believe her or is she like several other celebrities who keep denying undergoing a surgeon’s knife even when the differences are patently obvious?

Tamar Braxton

Tamar Braxton, sister to popular RnB singer Toni Braxton was born on the 17th of March, 1977 in Maryland. She is also a singer as well and a Reality TV personality with a net worth of $10 million.

Born on March 17, 1977, Tamar is also the sister to popular music diva, Tony Braxton. Her rise to stardom was not unconnected with her sisters and when Tony was introduced to L.A Reid and Babyface Edmonds and in 1996 Tamar along with a sisters released an album.

She later signed with Universal Records in 2010 to feature on a television show, “Tiny and Toya and she also had her single “The Heart In Me” released that same year. And in April 2011, she and other members of her family began their own reality TV show, “Braxton Family Values”, which shows till date.

Tamar released the lead single “Love and War” with her husband as her producer from her upcoming second studio album. The song topped iTunes charts and was the number one hit song in the United States.

Did Tamar have plastic surgery?

Yes, we think she did. Actually, we know she did because she has admitted to having a nose job. While this might be difficult for some people to admit to, this proved to be no problem for the celebrity.


Tamar Braxton plastic surgery before and after
Tamar Braxton plastic surgery before and after

This is simply called ‘nose job’. The singer, like other members of her family was born withouta cartilage in their nose. She has never denied having a nose job rather she admitted doing it and said she was not born with a cartilage and the only necessary thing to do was to have a plastic surgery were a cartilage in her ear was removed and fixed in her nose.

Breast Implants

Fans have long suspected that there is more to Tamar’s beauty than meets the eye and the latest rumors of plastic surgery on Tamar Braxton have been that she’s had breast implants. This is a bit hard to prove however. Admittedly, the beautiful star’s breasts are still standing firm and looking good, but there is no other evidence of breast implants particularly as she does not seem to have increased in breast size.

Tamar Braxton before and after breast implants
Tamar Braxton before and after breast implants

Facial Fillers

Looking at her pictures, it is not difficult to imagine why some people believe that she has had facial fillers to enhance her looks. Her cheeks are full and youthful looking. Once again, there is no evidence to this and looking at Tamar Braxton before plastic surgery pictures, there is really no difference in her face then and how it is now.

Skin Bleaching

Admittedly, this is not a plastic surgery procedure, but it is a form of cosmetic enhancement of the skin. It has been rumored that Tamar also bleached her skin, she has however denied this. She also denied performing any other plastic surgeries which she has been accused of doing and has stated several times that she only conducted a plastic surgery on her nose.

Tamar Braxton with her Baby and husband
Tamar Braxton and Vincent Herber with their baby

Tamar Braxton net worth

The songstress and reality show star has an estimated net worth of $10 million. Tamar earns most of her incomes from acting and modeling. In 2015, she featured in the Hollywood series Real Husbands of Hollywood and also in a TV series The Soul Man were she played the character of Catherine.

Tamar Braxton's house
Tamar Braxton’s house

The Actor, Singer-songwriter, Dancer, Presenter, Television presenter in 2014 won a BET Centric award. And in November 2014, she launched her shoe and cloth line called the Tamar Collection. The beautiful song writer and actress who cruises in a Ferrari sure knows how to look good as she is always seen in lovely clothes that flaunts her superb figure. She is also a lover of designers as is always adorned with either a designer bag or shoe. At the grand finale of American Idol, Tamar was seen with a Giuseppe Zannotti Toe Booties which costs $1,250.

Tamar Braxton Body Measurements:

Body measurement: 34-27-34 (Bust-waist-Hip)
Height (Inches): 67.55905512
Height (cm): 171.6
Weight (lbs): 125.8484
Bra Size: 34
Dress size: 7
Shoe size: 10

Are the rumours true that Tamar Braxton had other plastic surgeries?

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