Tara Reid Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Tara Reid, born in 1975, is an American actress best known for her role as Vicky Lathum in the American Pie film series. After a period of relatively little film work, her career had a resurgence in film Sharknado(2013).

Tara Reid has had a string of engagements and supposed marriages. She became engaged to television host Carson Daily on October 29, 2000, but ended in in June 2001. She was also engaged to internet entrepreneur Michael Axtmann on January 18, 2010, but called it off in April 2010.

Tara Reid plastic surgery pictures

In August 2011, Tara Reid reported that she had married businessman Michael Lillelund, but he denied that the wedding had taken place. Tara Reid again announced being married in 2011, this time to financier Zachary Kehayov, but then later stated they were not legally married.

Plastic Surgery

Tara Reid has been very vocal about undergoing plastic surgery, most notably because she was unsatisfied with the results.

Tara Ried breast implants plastic surgery before and after

In 2004, at a birthday party for P. Diddy, Tara Reid unknowingly exposed her breasts to a photographer, and the resulting picture showed scarring. She addressed the claims saying that she had wanted slightly bigger breasts especially because one of her breasts was larger than the other. Her instructions to her plastic surgeon were to enhance her breasts to a size of big Bs, and instead, the surgeon enhanced them to fill a C cup.

Tara Reid plastic surgery before and after

Further complications arose when she noticed bumps along the edges of her nipples. While her surgeon assured her she would be fine, Tara Reid began to be embarrassed by her breast enhancements.

Tara Reid eventually had a second breast enhancement surgery to correct the effects of her first surgery. She used a new, more highly recommended plastic surgeon for the second procedure. She is now pleased with the results.

Tara Reid plastic surgery gone bad

As well as breast enhancement, Tara Reid has also had liposuction performed. Wanting a six pack, Tara Reid opted for liposuction to better contour her stomach. Unfortunately, the result was less than perfect. Tara Reid’s stomach became rippled and saggy. Pictures of her in a bathing suit clearly show the effects of the liposuction.

Tara Reid joins a long list of celebrities who were unhappy with their original plastic surgeries and had to have more work done in order to correct previous mistakes.

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