Taylor Swift Net Worth, House & List of Her Boyfriends

You know why Taylor Swift is so hot? No, it’s not her stunning figure or the face! It’s her star power to have Apple do what she wanted (remember that open letter?). Some even regard her as the most powerful music figure in the world.

Taylor Swift net worth is $280 million. You can close your gaping mouths now! Katy Perry just beat her as the highest earner recently but we’ll keep it for another article.

What She Really Owns

Taylor Swift net worth 2015-2016

Taylor Swift is not just a big earner, she is a big spender, or shall we say an acute investor too. Swift as a plush home in Beverly Hills that she bought for a heavy amount of $3.55 million. She even owns a property in Rhode Island that is estimated to be worth $17.75 million.

What’s more? She is close to her country music roots and owns a $1.99 million penthouse condo in Nashville. Don’t close the book yet because there is more coming up for you: she owns two New York City penthouses that costs $20 million. Phew! Now you can relax. No! Not yet! She recently bought a $25 million home in Beverly Hills. Period.

Taylor Swift's House in Beverly Hills
Taylor Swift’s Beverly Hills Home

Boyfriends, boyfriends, boyfriends

Swift has been in news not just for her music but also the hot men she has dated. Not to mention the scintillating Kennedy (you know what I am talking about)! Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner (What clicked? The same name?), Jake Gyllenhaal, Conor Kennedy and Harry Styles. Currently Dating Calvin Harris. I am going to shut up now. You do the math!

Taylor Swift's Boyfriend Calvin Harris Holding Hands
Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris

This lovely lady is charitable too, having donated $50k to a kid fighting cancer. Now, if that’s not a real hero, then what is!

In case you are wondering, Swift is not a rags to riches story. Her father is a vice president at Merrill Lynch. He has had three generations of bank presidents. So, let’s just say that she was rejected during her initial auditions at Nashville but also had a huge financial backing from her really rich and well-to-do banker father.

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