Teri Hatcher Net Worth, Annual Income and Relationships

Teri Hatcher is one of the original Desperate Housewivesand at age 50, seems to be looking better than she ever has! Hollywood seems to be taking good care of Hatcher and her Teri Hatcher’s net worth! Teri Hatcher’s net worth is a staggering $76 million.

Desperate Housewives catapulted her to the status of a sex symbol. She became hot property along with the other “housewives”. Hatcher is a very active sportsperson and finished a triathlon back in 2009. She also does a lot of sports related fundraisers.

Teri Hatcher net worth

Did you know that she was born to nerdy parents who were nuclear physicist and computer programmer? She definitely did not want to belong to eh same wold as her parents, it seems. Her fans are certainly not unhappy she did not go all out to become a nuclear physicist and stuck to Hollywood.

Income and Property

This hottie used to make a fat pay of $400,000 per episode for Desperate Hosuewives! That must have padded Teri Hatcher’s net worth quite a bit! Did you know that her salary, which was already a very high $400,000 was increased to $440,000?

Teri Hatcher's house
Teri Hatcher’s house

Hatcher was making a lot of moolah at the height of her career. Her financial mantra for everyone is to keep wealth on “auto-mode” so it never runs out. Well that’s some great advice I say and has certainly helped Teri Hatcher’s net worth to go up!

Husbands and Boyfriends

This sexy diva has been married twice. She has a daughter (Emmerson) with her second husband actor Jon Tenny. They divorced in 2003. So, that you know, she is single and seems to be pretty ready to mingle again! For someone so hot, we are sure she is not going to stay single for a very long time. As far back as 2012, Hatcher was earning $6 million annually.

Teri Hatcher with her daughter Emmerson
Teri Hatcher with her daughter Emmerson (source)

She may have millions but is still thrifty. Grape wine has it that she drives her cars for 10 years. In 2010, Hatcher hit out at the critics that she’s had plastic surgery and posted her make-up free pictures to prove the same. Well, that’s some desperation! Looks like since Desperate Housewives got over, she has been putting to test some of her nerd genes.

She writes a column for Glamor. That’s not exactly nuclear physics but is surely something that is not acting. She is truly a gal of many talents!

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