Tina Knowles Plastic Surgery – Part of Her Beauty Secret

Tina Knowles – Denies All the Speculations about Plastic Surgery

Speculation started spreading about Tina Knowles plastic surgery, pointing that she owes her good looks to a plastic surgeon. For someone in Tina’s age, she looks more than good and no wonder with more than $300.000 spent on maintaining her good looks.

Beyonce’s mother appears to be younger by the day and the secret to her fresh and youthful look can only be plastic operation whiter she wants to admit it or not. With wrinkle free skin and great body this sixty one year old really knows how to live.

Tina Knowles net worth

Who Is Tina Knowles?

Tina Knowles was born on January 4, 1954 in New Orleans, Louisiana. In her high school, she was part of singing group “the Veltones”, but until 1990 she was a beautician when she opened the salon called “Headliners” in Huston.

Tina began her designer career along with her daughter’s career, making outfits that members of Destiny’s Child wore on a scene. She also published a book “Destiny’s Style: Bootylicious Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Secrets from Destiny’s Child” where she discussed how she helped with group’s success.

In 2004 she launched the clothing line “House of Deréon” and in 2010 she opened Cosmetology Center at the Phoenix House in Brooklyn in collaboration with Beyonce.

Tina Knowles and her new husband Richard Lawson
Tina Knowles and her new husband Richard Lawson

She is divorced from Mathew Knowles and it is rumored that she had surgeries listed below:

Botox Injection

It is a bit odd when a person who is 61 years old does not have a single wrinkle on her face. That is the case with Tina Knowles. Botox injection can make the skin look young and tight again, so it is a favorite treatment among celebrities.

Tina Knowles plastic surgery before and after
Tina Knowles then and now. Obviously, it’s not natural.

When Tina’s before and after photos are compared, it becomes obvious that she undergone this treatment. Her face is without wrinkles and smooth as a baby’s skin. And since there is not one wrinkle or even crow’s feet at eye corners it is safe to say that Knowles most certainly went under the knife.


Another operation associated with Tina is a facelift. While Botox fillers are in charge of the upper face, the facelift re-tightened her whole facial skin. Facelift in a combination with Botox can leave a person without a wrinkle, but it can also make someone’s face look plastic and fake.

Tina Knowles Plastic Surgery Photos

In the case of Tina Knowles, this combination made her younger and brought her confidence she needed. But some people are saying that her face now looks younger than it really should be and there is some truth in that.

Nose Job

The procedure called rhinoplasty is used to reshape a nose, and it is rumored that Tina Knowles opted for it. This operation is one of the most popular operations among the celebrities and it is best seen when someone’s before and after photos are compared.

Beyonce with mom Tina Knowles

In Tina’s case, her nose is slimmer and the tip is smaller, compared to what it looked before. Even though this is just a speculation, the change is very visible and there is really no amount of diets that can change the shape of someone’s nose.

Personal Information

Full name: Celestine Ann Knowles
Net worth: $20 million
Occupation: Fashion Designer
Nationality: American
Marital status: Divorced from Mathew Knowles

Tina Knowles and Mathew Knowles
Tina Knowles and Mathew Knowles

Tina Knowles Body Statistics

Height: 5 ft 7 in (1.70 m)
Weight: unknown
Measurements: unknown
Dress Size: unknown
Shoe Size: 9
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Dark Brown

Tina Knowles plastic surgery has been a subject of rumors for a while now. She may make all those changes to keep her youthful look or maybe because she felt insecure in her own skin, but in the end she managed to keep a balance between young look and a plastic one. Some gossip reports say that Tina did a lot more than Botox and Face lift. She supposedly did a tummy tuck, liposuction and breast implants too, but there was not one proof of that, and changes on her body can be due to regular exercise and healthy diet.

One way or another she looks stunning and she should keep doing what she did to persevere her youth. Her daughter, Beyonce, should look up to her and really hope to look as good as her mother in her sixties.

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