Tom Selleck Net Worth – How Rich Is Tom Selleck?

Born in January 1945, Tom Selleck is one of the legendary actors in the US. Tom Selleck net worth is presently placed at $45 million. Selleck is an actor and film producer best known for starring in Magnum P.I. He has made over 50 appearances on TV and film, and the returns have seen him rise to be one of America’s wealthiest actors.

Tom Selleck net worth is a culmination of his work and efforts as a film producer and actor. Some of his movies are top sellers, and he has had endorsements, sponsorship, and payments that have seen his annual salary run into millions.

Tom Selleck net worth 2016

He has also acted on Broadway. In 2001, he was the lead actor, Murray in a comedic play, A Thousand Clowns.

His work on TV has seen him get roles in high ranking TV series such as Magnum P.I, Friends, and Blue Bloods. Some of his well-known films include Mr. Baseball, Three Men and a Baby and Lassiter. In all of his roles, Selleck displays a strong screen presence which has seen him scoop numerous awards include a 1958 Golden Globe Award for outstanding performance.

Tom Selleck young
Tom Selleck young (source)

In 1970, Tom and Jacqueline Ray got married and adopted Kevin Shepard. They later divorced in 1982. Tom married Jillie Mack in 1987 and together they have a daughter, Hannah Margaret Selleck.

Tom Selleck with family - wife and daughter
Tom Selleck with his wife Jillie Mack and their daughter Hannah

Together they live in California though Tom has several other properties including a summer residence in Maine and a 60-acre avocado farm in Westlake Village.

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